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December 31 New Winter Wheat Ready for Prime Time
December 30 Across the Americas, Squash and Gourd Bees Are Superb Pollinators
December 29 New Sugarcane Cultivars Developed for Sand Soils of South Florida
December 24 Defatted Soy Flour Eyed as Filler Substitute for Rubber Tires
December 23 New Tool Fertilizes Fields and Reduces Runoff Nutrients
December 22 Military Uniforms Now Provide Reliable Protection from Mosquitoes
December 19 A New Tally for Water Use by Thirsty Plants
December 18 Experimental Soybeans Sabotage Roundworm Pest With its Own Gene
December 17 Extreme Weather Boosts Antioxidant Levels in Soybean Seeds
December 16 Pink Hibiscus Mealybug Pheromone Licensed
December 15 Nanotechnology May be Used for Food Safety
December 12 New Soybean Variety Sets Sights on Japanese Soyfoods Market
December 11 Berry Compound Reduces Aging Effect
December 10 ALMANAC Model May Help Predict Crops' Role in Bioenergy Production
December 9 Modified Lignin Has Potential Benefits for Ethanol, Paper and Feed
December 8 New Barley is Bad News for Russian Wheat Aphids
December 5 Asian Grasslands May Hold Global Promise
December 4 Know Your USDA Watersheds
December 3 Genetic Roots of Cacao Trees Traced
December 2 Scientists Serve up Mustard Meal to Tame Weeds
December 1 New Green Leaf Lettuce Leaves Leafminers in the Lurch
November 28 Boll Weevil Feeding Habits Now Better Understood
November 26 Experimental Plots of Pennycress Tested for Biodiesel Potential
November 25 Humans Prompted New Paths for Parasites
November 24 Non-Target Insects Probably Affected More by Insecticides than by Bt Crops
November 21 Secrets to Sorghum Survival in Acidic Soils
November 20 Corn Protein Polymers Inspire Diverse New Uses
November 19 Increasing Calcium in Carrots and Other Vegetables
November 18 Got Pumpkin Pie? Thank A Bee!
November 17 Presenting Prince, a New Blueberry Cultivar
November 14 ARS Licenses Hairy Vetch Varieties
November 13 New Genetic Resources for Cereal Crops
November 12 Vitamin D-Rich Mushrooms: A Research Success!
November 10 Study Shows Consuming Hibiscus Tea Lowers Blood Pressure
November 7 CAT-scanning Cotton Bales for Moisture
November 6 Drought-Hardy Soybean Lines with Stamina
November 5 Gene-silencing Technique to be Deployed against Soybean Fungus
November 4 Pecan Growers Boost Revenue by Growing Organically
November 3 Corngrass: Youthful Plant May Quicken Biofuels Research
October 31 USDA Children's Nutrition Research Center Celebrates 30th Anniversary
October 30 ARS, TEDCO Showcase Latest Green Technologies
October 29 Hops Extract May Reduce Clostridium in Chickens
October 28 Paper Mill Waste May be Just Right for Reclaiming Mineland
October 27 Protecting Soils and Producing Biofuel with Corn Stover
October 24 Scientists Sort Out Who's Who Among Australian Pine Species
October 23 Scientists Pit Fungus against Apple Pest
October 22 "Superenzymes" Could Streamline Biofuels Refining
October 21 New International Wind Erosion Journal Launched
October 20 ARS Grazinglands Lab in Oklahoma Celebrates Anniversary
October 17 Antioxidant Effects from Eating Almonds
October 16 Retooled Approach May Make Bio-based Butanol More Competitive with Ethanol
October 15 Sorting Technology for Red, White Wheat Kernels
October 14 Parasites and Global Change: Past Patterns, Future Projections
October 10 Producing New U.S. Energy Crops by the Barrel
October 9 Models Help Assess Biofuels' Sustainability
October 8 Fight Osteoporosis: Bone Up on a Quality Diet
October 7 City Trash Plus Farm Leftovers May Yield Clean Energy
October 6 October Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online
October 3 New ARS Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Issued
October 2 New Sugarcanes to Deliver One-Two Energy PunchTitle
October 1 Making the Most of Manure
September 30 Database Will Disclose Promising Wheats' Genetic Identity
September 29 Computer Program Eases Climate Change Research
September 26 ARS Scientists Trace Toxoplasma Parasite's Family Tree
September 25 Making Fluorescent Markers for Corn Tissues
September 24 Runoff Research Promotes Healthier Aquifers
September 23 Database of Isoflavone Compounds in Foods Updated
September 22 Minimal Composting of Beef Cattle Manure Reduces Antibiotic Levels
September 19 Walnut Genetic Secrets Targeted in New Research
September 18 ARS Scientists and Cooperators Surveying for Rare Ladybugs
September 17 A Model Farm for Emissions Studies
September 16 Reflective Particle Films Improve Apple Quality
September 15 A Little Grass Called Brachypodium Will Be a Big Help in Biofuels Research
September 11 Improving Food Survey Methods
September 10 Two Scientists Inducted into ARS Hall of Fame
September 9 Feral Cattle Isolated and Genetically Distinct
September 8 New Crop Model Should Speed Resistance to Wheat Diseases
September 5 Tracking and Taming a Tomato Virus
September 4 New Fungal Finding Could Mean Better Bio-Insecticide
September 3 Managing Cover Crops with Rolling and Crimping Techniques
September 2 ARS Researchers Search for Casuarina Biological Control Agents
August 29 Database Documents Names for More Than 150,000 Diptera Species
August 28 Grain Moisture Measurements May Divert Mold, Insect Infestation
August 27 ARS Scientists Test MRI Device to Measure Body Fat in Piglets
August 26 “Fingerprinting” Helps Make Great Grapes
August 25 Hydrogen-Producing Bacteria Provide Clean Energy
August 22 Scientists Tie Chickpea Disease to Fungal Culprit
August 21 More Strawberries, More Antioxidant Absorption
August 20 Sweet Potato Out-Yields Corn in Ethanol Production Study
August 19 USDA Germplasm Center Celebrates 50th Anniversary
August 18 USDA Conference Spotlights Sorghum's Biofuel Potential
August 15 Genetic Underpinnings of Sheep Traits May Yield Clues to Greater Productivity
August 14 "Slick" Gene Helps Cattle Beat the Heat
August 13 Profiling Protective Proteins in Dairy Cows
August 12 Taking Earth's Temperature via Satellite
August 11 Nonviable Seeds May Contain Research-Quality DNA
August 8 New Peas Resist Fungal Foe
August 7 ARS Produces Online Databases for Maize, Blueberries
August 6 Wheat Genotyping: An Invaluable Service
August 5 Here's the Beef: Identifying DNA Markers and Traits
August 4 Helping Wheat Pass the Acid Test
August 1 New Germplasm Could Help Protect Avocados from Root Rot Disease
July 31 Key Red Flour Beetle Gene Sequenced
July 30 Nine to 20 Individual Fire Ant Queens Started U.S. Fire Ant Population
July 29 Test Vaccines Show Promise against Parasite of Cattle
July 28 Scientists Identify Fungal Disease Culprits with Molecular Genetics
July 25 ARS-Developed Apparatus Captures Deer Safely, Effectively and with Minimal Trauma
July 24 Cold Temperature is Key to Quality of Bagged Salads
July 23 ARS Releases Gulfcrimson Peach to Nurseries
July 22 Food Safety Developments Are in the Air
July 21 Garden Microbe Foils E. coli O157:H7 in Laboratory Tests
July 18 Role of Earthworms in Soil Explored
July 17 Switchgrass May Mean Better Soil
July 16 Antimicrobials Target Produce Pathogens
July 15 Three New Tecoma Cultivars Add to Landscape Shrub Options
July 14 Spice-Rack Favorites Battle E. coli and Other Foodborne Pathogens
July 11 Modeling Erosion Damage from Ephemeral Gullies
July 10 ARS and Seed Company Examine Commercial Potential of Ethanol Coproduct
July 9 New Textbook is Important Weed Biocontrol Tool
July 8 July Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online
July 7 Scientists Test Method for Sanitizing Leafy Produce
July 3 Grazing Cattle Year-Round Pays Off
July 2 Pathogen Genes Targeted in Studies to Protect Salad Veggies
July 1 Meat Safety: It All Works Out in the Wash
June 30 New Research Presented on Peanut Components
June 27 Protecting Romaine Lettuce From Pathogens
June 26 Sequencing the Cacao Genome to Safeguard Chocolate
June 25 Supporting Small Farm Success with Shiitakes
June 24 Potassium and Potato Preparation
June 23 Tick and Mosquito Repellent Can Be Made Commercially from Pine Oil
June 20 USDA "Power Plants" Exhibit Opens at National Arboretum
June 19 Ethanol Coproducts Eyed as Fillers in Plastics
June 18 Tangy, Junior-size Fruit Bars from ARS Process
June 17 Glomalin is Key to Locking up Soil Carbon
June 16 Fighting a Worldwide Wheat Threat
June 13 New Silverleaf Whitefly Has Growers Concerned
June 12 New Method May Thwart Pecan and Peach Diseases
June 11 Calcium Alone Does Not Reduce Hip Fracture Risk
June 10 The Battle Heats Up Between Mangoes, Fruit Flies
June 9 Elevated Carbon Dioxide Boosts Invasive Nutsedge
June 6 A Futuristic Linkage of Animals and Electronics
June 5 "Clearwater": An Eco-Friendly Feed Barley
June 4 June ARS Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Issued
June 3 Treating Hog Manure with Borax Cuts Odor
June 2 Beneficial Bacteria Help Control Produce Pathogen
May 29 Fiji Dwarf Coconut is One Tough Nut
May 28 Computer Model for Finding Mosquito Repellent Compounds
May 27 Franklin Fish Lab Opens with a Splash
May 23 Plant Foods for Preserving Muscle Mass
May 22 A Little Bit of Egg Makes Tracking Aphids Easier
May 21 Researchers Identify Genetic Fix for Problem in Some Sweet Corn Hybrids
May 20 GrainGenes Website Speeds Gene Discovery
May 19 Corn Rootworm Population Studies: Faster, Cheaper—and Just As Good
May 16 Fruit Fly Diversity Is in the Details
May 15 New Peanut Variety Resistant to Nematodes, Virus
May 14 Ozone Might Help Make Bee Hives Cleaner and Safer
May 13 U.S. Sunflowers Could "Get a Lift" from Down Under
May 12 USDA Lab Renamed in Honor of Nobel-Winning Researcher
May 9 Sizing up Teen Snacking
May 8 Drought Makes Farmers Mind Their Peas and Corn
May 7 Protecting Oysters from Burrowing Shrimp
May 6 Pollinators as Preservationists
May 5 Still Seeking a Cause of Colony Collapse Disorder
May 2 A New Polymer Product from Soy Oil, Not Petroleum
May 1 Protecting U.S. Troops with Fireproof Wool
April 30 April Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online
April 29 Plants Text Message Farmers When Thirsty
April 28 Nitric Oxide Regulates Plants as Well as People
April 25 New Tests Make Antibiotic Monitoring Easier
April 24 Monitoring Conservation Tillage via Satellite
April 23 Papaya's Genome Unmasked by ARS Scientists, Colleagues
April 22 Boosting Basil in Mississippi
April 21 New Study Correlates Preschoolers' Screen Time With Obesity
April 18 Three Viruses Threaten Cucurbits--and Now Green Beans
April 17 Early-Flowering, Winter-Hardy Hairy Vetch Released for Northern United States
April 16 The Goal: Finding--and Using--Key Grape Genes
April 15 Precision Irrigation Built into Sprinkler Booms
April 14 Best Method to Chill Chickens Depends on Water
April 11 Gene Clusters Offer Potential Protection against Plant Diseases
April 10 Preserving a Unique Collection of Carolina Collards
April 9 Tracing Florida Mangoes' Family Tree
April 8 Tree Heartwood Extracts Thwart Sudden Oak Death Microbe
April 7 Profiling Promising Plant Compounds
April 4 Creating Homes that Please America's Wild Bees
April 3 Scientists Pit Bacteria against Fungi to Protect Wheat
April 2 Researchers Study Playa Lakes Over the Ogallala
April 1 Faster Forage Option for Growers
March 31 Hairy Vetch Mulch Activates Genes for Phytonutrients in Tomatoes
March 28 ARS Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Issued
March 27 Stronger Embankments Start in the Lab
March 26 Sweet Potato Puree Adds to Bottom Line
March 25 New Safflower Lines Survive Winters
March 24 Agricultural Pest's Genome is Sequenced
March 21 Soy Scientists to Fill Library with Genetic Bookmarks
March 20 Cotton Studies Target Killer: Fusarium Wilt
March 19 Flies and Salmonella: A Bad Combo in Poultry Houses
March 18 Dietary Guidelines Associated With Lower Risk of Metabolic Syndrome
March 17 Heat Stress Model Keeps Cows Cool
March 14 Elderly Improve With Exercise, Too
March 13 Eating Is Stressful, But Antioxidants Can Help
March 12 Scientists Turn Cheap Beet Pulp into Value-Added Plastics Ingredient
March 11 Facts on Fats Could Prompt Healthier Eating
March 10 Increasing Iron Uptake in Infants
March 7 Environmentally-Friendly Controls for Peach Tree Pests
March 6 Scientists Determine Farm Costs of Producing Switchgrass for Ethanol
March 5 Fresh Ideas from ARS Nutrition Research
March 4 Food Compounds That Kill Test-Tube Cancer Cells Analyzed
March 3 Perennial Peanut for Quality Pastures and Hay
February 29 Mining Manure for Phosphorus
February 28 When It Comes to Red Cabbage, More Is Better
February 27 Cotton: A Body Armor for Wounds?
February 26 New Technologies to Protect Natural Resources
February 25 New Pima Cottons Fight Fusarium Fungus
February 22 Newly Renovated ARS Grain Research Center Dedicated
February 21 Compound Safely Quells Bee-Killing Chalkbrood
February 20 New Prospects for an All-Around Spice
February 19 Breeding Heat-Tolerant Cotton
February 15 Researchers Look at How Frequency of Meals May Affect Health
February 14 MegaBee Nourishes Beleaguered Honey Bees
February 13 ARS Honors Technology Transfer Award Winners
February 12 Soil Scientist Wins Top Honor from USDA Research Agency
February 11 International Partnership to Develop a Global Plant Genebank Information System
February 11 Science and Economics Both Work in Fruit Fly Program
February 8 Diamond Planting Design for Peanut Crops
February 7 A Berry Good Bee for Pollinating Blackberries and Raspberries
February 6 Managing Cattle Operations to Protect Lakes and Rivers
February 5 NAL Publishes New Editions of Agricultural Thesaurus, Glossary
February 5 Breeding Cotton to Beat the Heat
February 4 New Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online
February 1 Coordinated Research Aims To Improve Honey Bee Health
January 31 ARS Scientists Settle Spud Debate
January 30 ARS Contributes Seeds to Global Storage Vault in Norway
January 29 Grasses' Guardian Gene Found
January 28 Bumblebee ID Simplified With Wallet Card
January 25 Finding Better Year-Round Forage
January 24 Separating the Chaff from the Nuts
January 23 Scientists Study Excess Fat in Chickens
January 22 Newly Designed Bee-Box Boosts Pollinators' Readiness
January 18 For Best Pest Detection, Suit the Attractant to the Fruit Fly
January 17 Ironing Out Storage Kinks for Hops
January 16 Defending Cotton from Stink Bugs
January 15 Texas Growers Could Benefit From Asian Cockroaches
January 14 ARS Scientists Seek Solution for Black Raspberry Decline
January 11 Researchers Team Up to Improve Popcorn
January 10 Lower Hop Trellises for Higher Profits
January 9 Mainland Markets for Tropical Fruit
January 8 New Cranberry Packed with Health Features
January 7 The Gall of That Midge!
January 4 Mississippi Blues ... Blueberries, That Is
January 3 'Teamaker' Hops Offer Benefits Without Bite
January 2 Common Plant Compound Improves Iron Absorption