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Kevin W King

Research Leader




Research Leader and Agricultural Engineer 
590 Woody Hayes Drive
Columbus, OH43210
614-292-3550 (phone)
614-292-9448 (fax)




Purdue University; major, Agricultural Engineering; B.S. 1991


Purdue University; major, Agricultural Engineering; M.S. 1992


Texas A&M University; major, Civil Engineering; Ph.D. 2000




Research Experience




1989-1991, Research Assistant, Purdue University West Lafayette, IN


1991-1993, Agricultural Engineer (tech.), USDA-ARS, West Lafayette, IN


1993-1995, Associate Research Scientist, Texas Agricultural Experiment Station


1995-1997, Agricultural Engineer (Support Scientist), USDA-ARS, Temple, TX


1997-2002, Agricultural Engineer, USDA-ARS, Temple, TX


2002-present, Agricultural Engineer, USDA-ARS, Columbus, OH 








My research is focused on understanding the complex watershed scale interactions of weather, soil, water, plants, and landuse management on hydrologic processes and their relation to water chemistry. Specific objectives are to:


1) assess and characterize the watershed scale environmental aspects of agricultural, turf, and urban land management practices;


2) develop, quantify, and evaluate conservation management practices, strategies, and technologies that minimize offsite delivery of sediment, nutrients, and agrichemicals from agriculture, turf, and urban landuses; and


3) conduct integrated drainage management research, including watershed modeling as well as economic and ecologic assessments, to determine the effectiveness of and feasibility for watershed adoption of conservation management practices.








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