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Expanding from Field to Global Scale
item Projected climate change impacts in rainfall erosivity over Brazil (Aug 2017)
item Impacts of hydraulic redistribution on grass-tree competition versus facilitation in a semiarid savanna (Aug 2017)
item Partitioning evapotranspiration using long-term carbon dioxide and water vapor fluxes: New approach to ET partitioning (Jul 2017)
item Turfgrass and climate change (Jul 2017)
item Vulnerability of grain crops and croplands in the Midwest to climatic variability and adaptation strategies (Jun 2017)
item Soil: The forgotten piece of the water, food, energy nexus (May 2017)
item Flooding in ephemeral streams: incorporating transmission losses (Apr 2017)
item Inference of soil hydrologic parameters from electronic soil moisture records (Apr 2017)
item The two water worlds hypothesis: Addressing multiple working hypotheses and proposing a way forward (Apr 2017)
item Enhancing soil begins with soil biology and a stable soil microclimate (Feb 2017)
item Evapotranspiration estimates derived using multi-platform remote sensing in a semiarid region (Feb 2017)
item Improving the accuracy of the gradient method for determining soil carbon dioxide efflux (Jan 2017)
item Spatiotemporal soil and saprolite moisture dynamics across a semi-arid woody plant gradient (Jan 2017)
item Meeting global needs via genetics x environment x management (Nov 2016)
item Water availability and management for food security (Nov 2016)
item Soil moisture sampling and decision frameworks for agriculture (Nov 2016)
item Adaptation resources for agriculture: responding to climate variability and change in the midwest and northeast (Oct 2016)
item The increasing importance of atmospheric demand in regulating ecosystem functioning (Sep 2016)
Last Modified: 10/17/2017
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