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Expanding from Field to Global Scale
item Enhancing the structure of WRF-Hydro-Hydologic Model for semi-arid environments (Apr 2019)
item Evaluating the Met Office Unified Model land surface temperature in Global Atmosphere/Land 3.1 (GA/L3.1), Global Atmosphere/ Land 6.1 (GA/L6.1) and limited area 2.2km configurations (Apr 2019)
item A daily spatially explicit stochastic rainfall generator for a semi-arid climate (Apr 2019)
item The potential global distribution and voltinism of the Japanese beetle (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) under current and future climates (Mar 2019)
item Evaluating the reliability of the U.S. Cooperative Observer Program precipitation observations for extreme events analysis using the LTAR network (Mar 2019)
item Odorous compounds sources and transport from a swine deep-pit finishing operation: A case study (Mar 2019)
item Post-fire erosion by wind and cool-season runoff processes in sagebrush steppe, Great Basin, USA (Feb 2019)
item The impacts of porous rock check dams on a semiarid alluvial fan (Feb 2019)
item Native shrubland and managed buffelgrass savanna in drylands: implications on ecosystem carbon and water fluxes (Jan 2019)
item Soil nitrogen response to shrub encroachment in a degrading semi-arid grassland (Jan 2019)
item Critical zone water balance over thirteen years in a semiarid savanna (Jan 2019)
item Vegetation, hydrologic, and erosion responses of sagebrush steppe 9 yr following mechanical tree removal (Jan 2019)
item Environmental and vegetative controls on soil CO2 efflux in three semiarid ecosystems (Jan 2019)
item Minimum inter-event times for rainfall in the Eastern region of China (Jan 2019)
item Evaluation of IMERG V04A precipitation estimates over different topographic and climatic watersheds in China (Dec 2018)
item Spatial and temporal variability of the impacts of Pinyon and Juniper reduction on hydrologic and erosion processes across climatic gradients in the Western US: A regional synthesis (Nov 2018)
item Native lagomorphs suppress grass establishment in a shrub-encroached, semi arid grassland (Nov 2018)
item Seasonal wetness, soil organic carbon, and fire influence soil hydrological properties and water repellency in a sagebrush-steppe ecosystem (Oct 2018)
item Assessing variability of corn and soybean yields in central Iowa using high spatiotemporal resolution multi-satellite imagery (Sep 2018)
item Global-scale evaluation of SMAP, SMOS and ASCAT soil moisture products using triple collocation (Sep 2018)
item Estimating time-dependent vegetation biases in the SMAP soil moisture product (Aug 2018)
item Predicting soil thickness on soil mantled hillslopes (Aug 2018)
item Seasonal timing regulates extreme drought impacts on CO2 and H2O exchanges over semiarid steppes in Inner Mongolia, China (Aug 2018)
item Priority questions in multidisciplinary drought research (Aug 2018)
item Declines in northern forest tree growth following snowpack decline and soil freezing (Aug 2018)
item The retrieval of high-resolution LAI from Landsat data by combining MODIS products (Jul 2018)
item Influence of topographic shadows on the thermal and hydrological processes in cold region mountainous watershed (Jul 2018)
item Hydraulic redistribution affects modeled carbon cycling via soil microbial activity and suppressed fire (Jul 2018)
item Eleven years of mountain weather, snow, soil moisture, and streamflow data from the rain-snow transition zone-the Johnston Draw catchment, Reynolds Creek Experimental Watershed and Critical Zone Observatory, USA (Jul 2018)
item Estimating basin-scale water budgets with SMAP soil moisture data (Jul 2018)
item 31 years of hourly spatially distributed air temperature, humidity, and precipitation amount and phase from Reynolds Critical Zone Observatory (Jun 2018)
item Joint Sentinel-1 and SMAP data assimilation to improve soil moisture estimates (Jun 2018)
item SMAP Level 4 soil moisture estimates reveal possible bias in the runoff response of land surface models (Jun 2018)
item Impacts of Global Circulation Model (GCM) bias and WXGEN on Modeling Hydrologic Variables (Jun 2018)
item Field-scale assessment of land and water use change over the California Delta using remote sensing (Jun 2018)
item Narasin as a manure additive to reduce methane production from swine manure (Jun 2018)
item Field-scale mapping of evaporative stress indicators of crop yield: an application over Mead, Nebraska (Jun 2018)
item Management implications of snowpack sensitivity to temperature and atmospheric-moisture changes in Yosemite National Park, California, USA (Jun 2018)
item Changes in photosynthesis and soil moisture drive the seasonal soil respiration-temperature hysteresis relationship (May 2018)
item Groundwater withdrawals under drought: reconciling GRACE and land surface models in the United States High Plains Aquifer (May 2018)
item Field and laboratory evaluation of the CS655 soil water content sensor (May 2018)
item A water balance based, spatiotemporal evaluation of terrestrial evapotranspiration products across the contiguous United States (Apr 2018)
item Implementing dynamic root optimization in Noah-MP for simulating phreatophytic root water uptake (Apr 2018)
item Featured collection introduction: Connectivity of streams and wetlands to downstream waters (Apr 2018)
item An assessment of the differences between spatial resolution and grid size for the SMAP enhanced soil moisture product over homogeneous sites (Apr 2018)
item Assessment of spatiotemporal fusion algorithms for Planet and Worldview images (Mar 2018)
item Factors affecting efficacy of prescribed fire for western juniper control (Mar 2018)
item An initial assessment of SMAP soil moisture disaggregation scheme using TIR surface evaporation data over the continental United States (Mar 2018)
item An ecohydrological stream type classification of intermittent and ephemeral streams in the Southwestern United States (Mar 2018)
item Impacts of droughts and extreme-temperature events on gross primary production and ecosystem respiration: a systematic assessment across ecosystems and climate zones (Mar 2018)
item Evaluation of global precipitation measurement rainfall estimates against three dense gauge networks (Mar 2018)
item Spatially enhanced passive microwave derived soil moisture: capabilities and opportunities (Mar 2018)
item Downscaling of surface soil moisture retrieval by combining MODIS/Landsat and in situ measurements (Mar 2018)
item Evaluation of the tau-omega model for passive microwave soil moisture retrieval using SMAPEx data sets (Mar 2018)
item Microwave implementation of two-source energy balance approach for estimating evapotranspiration (Feb 2018)
item Spatial and temporal analysis of hillslope–channel coupling and implications for the longitudinal profile in a dryland basin (Feb 2018)
item Assimilation of spatially sparse in situ soil moisture networks into a continuous model domain (Feb 2018)
item Comparing ecosystem and soil respiration: Review and key challenges of tower-based and soil measurements (Feb 2018)
item The AmeriFlux network: A coalition of the willing (Feb 2018)
item Portable automation of static chamber sample collection for quantifying soil gas flux (Feb 2018)
item Temporal transferability of soil moisture calibration equations (Jan 2018)
item Estimating surface soil moisture from SMAP observations using a neural network technique (Jan 2018)
item Global-scale assessment and combination of SMAP with ASCAT (Active) and AMSR2 (Passive) soil moisture products (Jan 2018)
item Long-term vegetation, hydrology, and erosion responses to tree removal by prescribed fire, cutting, and mastication in sagebrush steppe (Jan 2018)
item Rapid recovery of gross production and respiration in a mesic mountain big sagebrush ecosystem following prescribed fire (Jan 2018)
item The Image Processing Workbench (Jan 2018)
item Water flow modeling with dry bulk density optimization to determine hydraulic properties in mountain soils (Jan 2018)
item Rainfall simulation experiments in the Southwestern USA using the Walnut Gulch rainfall simulator (Jan 2018)
item Toward the development of protocols for soil moisture measurement and monitoring (Jan 2018)
item Chlorophyll fluorescence better captures seasonal and interannual gross primary productivity dynamics across dryland ecosystems of southwestern North America (Jan 2018)
item Simulating the dependence of aspen (Populus tremuloides) on redistributed snow in a semi-arid watershed (Jan 2018)
item GCOM-W AMSR2 soil moisture product validation using core validation sites (Jan 2018)
item Global assessment of the SMAP level-4 surface and root-zone soil moisture product using assimilation diagnostics (Dec 2017)
item Triple collocation based merging of satellite soil moisture retrievals (Dec 2017)
item Form and function relationships revealed by long-term research in a semiarid mountain catchment (Dec 2017)
item The error structure of the SMAP single and dual channel soil moisture retrievals (Dec 2017)
item Rainfall erosivity: An overview of methodologies and applications (Dec 2017)
item Erosion and lateral surface processes (Dec 2017)
item Effectiveness of prescribed fire to re-establish sagebrush vegetation and ecohydrologic function on woodland-encroached sagebrush steppe, Great Basin, USA (Dec 2017)
item An assessment of the accuracy of global rainfall estimates without ground-based observations (Dec 2017)
item Parsimonious mathematical characterization of channel shape and size (Dec 2017)
item Hydrological model parameterization using NDVI values to account for the effects of land-cover change on the rainfall-runoff response (Dec 2017)
item Evaluating the applicability of four recent satellite–gauge combined precipitation estimates for extreme precipitation and streamflow predictions over the upper Yellow river basin in China (Nov 2017)
item An improved triple collocation algorithm for decomposing autocorrelated and white soil moisture retrieval errors (Nov 2017)
item Data assimilation to extract soil moisture information from SMAP observations (Nov 2017)
item An intercomparison of evapotranspiration estimates derived using thermal-based satellite remote sensing for irrigation management in California vineyards (Nov 2017)
item Evaluate the role of evapotranspiration remote sensing data in improving hydrological modeling predictability (Nov 2017)
item The Grape Remote Sensing Atmospheric Profile and Evapotranspiration eXperiment (GRAPEX): a multidisciplinary project to develop a robust remote sensing-based ET modeling tool for vineyards (Nov 2017)
item Spatial downscaling of SMAP soil moisture using MODIS land surface temperature and NDVI during SMAPVEX15 (Nov 2017)
item Long term time series analysis of co-incident soil water content sensor at the Marena Oklahoma In Situ Sensor Testbed (Nov 2017)
item Modeling L-band synthetic aperture radar observations through dielectric changes in soil moisture and vegetation over shrublands (Nov 2017)
item Observed hydrologic impacts of landfalling atmospheric rivers in the Salt and Verde River basins of Arizona, United States (Oct 2017)
item Repackaging precipitation into fewer, larger storms reduces ecosystem exchanges of CO2 and H2O in a semiarid steppe (Oct 2017)
item Correcting satellite-based precipitation products through SMOS soil moisture data assimilation in two land-surface models of different complexity: API and SURFEX (Oct 2017)
item Evaluation of the VIIRS BRDF, Albedo and NBAR products suite and an assessment of continuity with the long term MODIS record (Sep 2017)
item Data set: Direct insertion of NASA Airborne Snow Observatory-derived snow depth time-series into the iSnobal energy balance snow model (Sep 2017)
item Spatial Modeling for Resources Framework (SMRF) (Sep 2017)
item Quantifying agricultural drought in tallgrass prairie region in the U.S. Southern Great Plains through analysis of a water-related vegetation index from MODIS images (Aug 2017)
item Projected climate change impacts in rainfall erosivity over Brazil (Aug 2017)
item Impacts of hydraulic redistribution on grass-tree competition versus facilitation in a semiarid savanna (Aug 2017)
item The SMAP level 4 carbon product for monitoring ecosystem land-atmosphere CO2 exchange (Aug 2017)
item Partitioning evapotranspiration using long-term carbon dioxide and water vapor fluxes: New approach to ET partitioning (Jul 2017)
item Climate moderates potential shifts in streamflow from changes in pinyon-juniper woodland cover across the western U.S (Jun 2017)
item Frequency analysis of extreme sub-daily precipitation under stationary and non-stationary conditions across two contrasting hydroclimatic environments (May 2017)
item Advancements in hydrology and erosion process understanding and post-fire hydrologic and erosion model development for semi-arid landscapes (Apr 2017)
item Flooding in ephemeral streams: incorporating transmission losses (Apr 2017)
item Inference of soil hydrologic parameters from electronic soil moisture records (Apr 2017)
item The two water worlds hypothesis: Addressing multiple working hypotheses and proposing a way forward (Apr 2017)
item Contemporary and restorable wetland water storage: A landscape perspective (Mar 2017)
item Evapotranspiration estimates derived using multi-platform remote sensing in a semiarid region (Feb 2017)
item Multi-time scale analysis of the spatial representativeness of in situ soil moisture data within satellite footprints (Jan 2017)
item Improving the accuracy of the gradient method for determining soil carbon dioxide efflux (Jan 2017)
item Spatiotemporal soil and saprolite moisture dynamics across a semi-arid woody plant gradient (Jan 2017)
item Country-level net primary production distribution and response to drought and land cover change (Jan 2017)
item The increasing importance of atmospheric demand in regulating ecosystem functioning (Sep 2016)
item Response of spectral reflectances and vegetation indices on varying Juniper cone densities (Oct 2013)