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Expanding from Field to Global Scale
item Retrieving soil moisture for non-forested areas using PALS radiometer measurements in SMAPVEX12 field campaign (Oct 2016)
item Error sources in passive and active microwave satellite soil moisture over Australia (Sep 2016)
item Surface water input from snowmelt and rain throughfall in western juniper: potential impacts of climate change and shifts in semi-arid vegetation (Aug 2016)
item Assessment of the timing of daily peak streamflow during melt season in a snow dominated watershed (Aug 2016)
item Overview of SMOS performance in terms of global soil moisture monitoring after six years in operation (Jul 2016)
item Using radiometric surface temperature for surface energy flux estimation in Mediterranean drylands from a two-source perspective (Jul 2016)
item Data set: 31 years of spatially distributed air temperature, humidity, precipitation amount and precipitation phase from a mountain catchment in the rain-snow transition zone (Jul 2016)
item Monitoring crop condition at field scale using multiple remote sensing data (Jul 2016)
item Compositing MODIS Terra and Aqua 250m daily surface reflectance data sets for vegetation monitoring (Jul 2016)
item Combined active and passive microwave remote sensing of soil moisture for vegetated surfaces at L-band (Jul 2016)
item Evaluation of the validated soil moisture product from the SMAP radiometer (Jul 2016)
item Satellite-based soil moisture validation and field experiments; Skylab to SMAP (Jul 2016)
item Evaluating the effectiveness of vegetative environmental buffers in mitigating particulate matter emissions from poultry houses (Jul 2016)
item Data set: weather, snow, and streamflow data from four western juniper-dominated experimental catchments in southwestern Idaho, USA (Jul 2016)
item Spatial and temporal information fusion for crop condition monitoring (Jul 2016)
item Applications of a thermal-based two-source energy balance model using Priestley-Taylor approach for surface temperature partitioning under advective conditions (Jul 2016)
item Daily mapping of Landsat-like LAI and correlation to grape yield (Jul 2016)
item Assimilation of gridded GRACE terrestrial water storage estimates in the North American Land Data Assimilation System (Jul 2016)
item Ecosystem water availability in juniper versus sagebrush snow-dominated rangelands (Jul 2016)
item Trends and sensitivities of low streamflow extremes to discharge timing and magnitude in pacific northwest mountain streams (Jul 2016)
item SMOS disaggregated soil moisture product at 1 km resolution: processor overview and first validation results (Jul 2016)
item The Airborne Snow Observatory: fusion of scanning lidar, imaging spectrometer, and physically-based modeling for mapping snow water equivalent and snow albedo (Jun 2016)
item Data set: A modeling dataset that spans the rain - snow transition zone: Johnston Draw catchment, Reynolds Creek Experimental Watershed, Idaho, USA (Jun 2016)
item Impacts of differing aerodynamic resistance formulae on modeled energy exchange at the above-canopy/within-canopy/soil interface (Jun 2016)
item Soil temperature variability in complex terrain measured using fiber-optic distributed temperature sensing (Jun 2016)
item Hydrologic response and recovery to prescribed fire and vegetation removal in a small rangeland catchment (Jun 2016)
item The evaporative demand drought index: Part I 1 – Linking drought evolution to variations in evaporative demand (Jun 2016)
item The evaporative demand drought index: Part II – CONUS-wide assessment against common drought indicators (Jun 2016)
item Vegetation productivity responds to sub-annual climate conditions across semiarid biomes (May 2016)
item Assessment of the SMAP level 2 passive soil moisture product (May 2016)
item Combined measurement and modeling of the hydrological impact of hydraulic redistribution using CLM4.5 at eight AmeriFlux sites (May 2016)
item The cold rain-on-snow event of June 2013 in the Canadian Rockies – characteristics and diagnosis (May 2016)
item Sensible heat balance estimates of transient soil ice contents for freezing and thawing conditions (May 2016)
item SMAP and SMOS soil moisture validation (May 2016)
item Investigating trends in water use over the Choptank River watershed using a multi-satellite data fusion approach (Apr 2016)
item Study of water use in the Central Sands of Wisconsin at high spatiotemporal resolution (Apr 2016)
item Mapping evapotranspiration with high resolution aircraft imagery over vineyards using one and two source modeling schemes (Apr 2016)
item The Soil Moisture Active Passive Marena Oklahoma In Situ Sensor Testbed (SMAP-MOISST): Design and initial results (Apr 2016)
item A thermal-based remote sensing modelling system for estimating crop water use and stress from field to regional scales (Apr 2016)
item Recent advances in (soil moisture) triple collocation analysis (Apr 2016)
item A coupled modeling approach to assess the impact of fuel treatments on post-wildfire runoff and erosion (Apr 2016)
item Assimilation of active and passive microwave observations for improved estimates of soil moisture and crop growth (Apr 2016)
item Multiple scattering effects with cyclical terms in active remote sensing of vegetated surface using vector radiative transfer theory (Apr 2016)
item Assessing correlations of satellite-derived evapotranspiration, precipitation and leaf area index anomalies with yields of major Brazilian crops (Mar 2016)
item Monitoring daily evapotranspiration over two California vineyards using Landsat 8 in a multi-sensor data fusion approach (Mar 2016)
item Estimating error cross-correlations in soil moisture data sets using extended collocation analysis (Feb 2016)
item Coherent model of L-band radar scattering by soybean plants: model development, validation and retrieval (Feb 2016)
item Seasonal energy and evapotranspiration partitioning in a desert vineyard (Jan 2016)
item Simulated water budget of a small forested watershed in the continental/maritime hydroclimatic region of the United States (Jan 2016)
item Evaluation of ESTARFM based algorithm for generating land surface temperature products by fusing ASTER and MODIS data during the HiWATER-MUSOEXE (Jan 2016)
item Precipitation legacy effects on dryland ecosystem carbon fluxes: direction, magnitude and biogeochemical carryovers (Jan 2016)
item GCOM-W soil moisture and temperature algorithms and validation (Jan 2016)
item Multi-profile analysis of soil moisture within the U.S. Climate Reference Network (Jan 2016)
item Comprehensive lake dynamics mapping at continental scales using Landsat 8 (Jan 2016)
item SMAP L2/L3 Soil moisture product validation with core validation sites (Jan 2016)
item Assessing the evolution of soil moisture and vegetation conditions during the 2012 United States flash drought (Jan 2016)
item The carbon balance pivot point of southwestern U.S. semiarid ecosystems: Insights from the 21st century drought (Dec 2015)
item Parametric exponentially correlated surface emission model for L-band passive microwave soil moisture retrieval (Dec 2015)
item Early results of the Soil Moisture Active Passive Validation Experiment (SMAPVEX15) (Dec 2015)
item Biophysical controls on carbon and water vapor fluxes across a grassland climatic gradient in the United States (Dec 2015)
item Validation of the Soil Moisture Active Passive mission using USDA-ARS experimental watersheds (Dec 2015)
item The potential of 2D Kalman filtering for soil moisture data assimilation (Dec 2015)
item Validating SMAP L2/3 products (Dec 2015)
item Framework for automated spatio-temporal enhancement of coarse resolution leaf area index (FASE-LAI) – Application to MODIS LAI (Dec 2015)
item A thermal-based remote sensing modeling system for estimating evapotranspiration from field to global scales (Dec 2015)
item Recent tree die-off has little effect on streamflow in contrast to expected increases from historical studies (Dec 2015)
item Upscaling and downscaling of land surface fluxes with surface temperature (Dec 2015)
item Advances in the Two Source Energy Balance (TSEB) model using very high resolution remote sensing data in vineyards (Dec 2015)
item Feasibility of inter-comparing airborne and spaceborne observations of radar backscattering coefficients (Dec 2015)
item Comparing AMSR-E soil moisture estimates to the extended record of the U.S. Climate Reference Network (USCRN) (Nov 2015)
item Optimal averaging of soil moisture predictions from ensemble land surface model simulations (Nov 2015)
item A Flexible Spatiotemporal Method for Fusing Satellite Images with Different Resolutions (Nov 2015)
item A thermal-based remote sensing modeling system for estimating daily evapotranspiration from field to global scales (Nov 2015)
item Use of UAS remote sensing data to estimate crop ET at high spatial resolution (Nov 2015)
item Initial validation of the Soil Moisture Active Passive mission using USDA-ARS watersheds (Nov 2015)
item Snowpack sensitivity to perturbed climate changes in alpine catchements (Nov 2015)
item Triple collocation: beyond three estimates and separation of structural/non-structural errors (Nov 2015)
item The impact of assumed error variances on surface soil moisture and snow depth hydrologic data assimilation (Oct 2015)
item SMAP Post-launch Field Campaign Planning (Oct 2015)
item Robust estimates of soil moisture and latent heat flux coupling strength obtained from triple collocation (Oct 2015)
item Valuing preservation and restoration alternatives for ecosystem services in the southwestern U.S. (Oct 2015)
item The impact of acquisition times on the accuracy of microwave soil moisture retrievals over the contiguous U.S. (Oct 2015)
item Fusing Landsat and MODIS data for vegetation monitoring (Oct 2015)
item The USDA-ARS experimental watershed network-Evolution, lessons learned and moving forward (Oct 2015)
item Scaling an in situ network for high resolution modeling during SMAPVEX15 (Oct 2015)
item Optical sensing of vegetation water content: A synthesis study (Oct 2015)
item Simulation of long-term soil water dynamics at Reynolds Creek, Idaho: Implications for rangeland productivity (Sep 2015)
item Utility of an automated thermal-based approach for monitoring evapotranspiration (Sep 2015)
item Implication of remotely sensed data to incorporate land cover effect into a linear reservoir-based rainfall-runoff model (Sep 2015)
item Modeling temperature and humidity profiles within forest canopies (Aug 2015)
item Evaluation of green infrastructure designs using the Automated Geospatial Watershed Assessment Tool (Aug 2015)
item Automated Geospatial Watershed Assessment Tool (AGWA) (Aug 2015)
item Potential of bias correction for downscaling passive microwave and soil moisture data (Jul 2015)
item Inter-comparison of SMAP, Aquarius and SMOS L-band brightness temperature observations (Jul 2015)
item Coupling of phenological information and synthetically generated time-series for crop types as indicator for vegetation coverage information (Jul 2015)
item Evaluating the temporal stability of synthetically generated time-series for crop types in central Germany (Jul 2015)
item Using the Surface Temperature-Albedo Space to Separate Regional Soil and Vegetation Temperatures from ASTER Data (Jul 2015)
item Quantifying extreme precipitation events and their hydrologic response in Southeastern Arizona (Jul 2015)
item Risk-assessment of post-wildfire hydrological response in semi-arid basins: The effects of varying rainfall representations in the KINEROS2/AGWA model (Jul 2015)
item Estimating effective roughness parameters of the L-MEB model for soil moisture retrieval using passive microwave observations from SMAPVEX12 (Jul 2015)
item Facilitating the use of drought early warning information through interactions with stakeholders (Jul 2015)
item Response of three soil water sensors to variable solution electrical conductivity in different soils (Jul 2015)
item Diagnosing neglected soil moisture source/sink processes via a thermal infrared-based two-source energy balance model (Jun 2015)
item Multi-scale soil moisture model calibration and validation: An ARS Watershed on the South Fork of the Iowa River (Jun 2015)
item Connectivity and effects of streams and wetlands on downstream waters: A review and synthesis of the sientific evidence 2302 (Jun 2015)
item Dynamic response of plant chlorophyll fluorescence to light, water and nutrient availability (Jun 2015)
item Applications of a thermal-based two-source energy balance model using Priestley-Taylor approach for surface temperature partitioning (TSEB_PTT) under advective conditions (May 2015)
item Estimation of water and energy fluxes over complex landscapes. Two Source Energy Balance modelling using very high resolution thermal and optical imagery in vineyards and wooded rangelands (May 2015)
item On the use of a water balance to evaluate inter-annual terrestrial ET variability (May 2015)
item Remote sensing of drought: progress, challenges and opportunities (May 2015)
item Water resources: Research network to track alpine water (May 2015)
item Development of an integrated multi-platform approach for assessing brush management conservation efforts in semiarid rangelands (May 2015)
item Scaling and calibration of a core validation site for the soil moisture active passive mission (May 2015)
item Effectiveness of best management practices with changing climate in a Maryland watershed (May 2015)
item Climate change impact on critical source area identification in a Maryland watershed (May 2015)
item Global soil moisture from the aquarius satellite: Description and initial assessment (May 2015)
item Improving operational flood ensemble prediction by the assimilation of satellite soil moisture: comparison between lumped and semi-distributed schemes (May 2015)
item Improving the soil moisture data record of the U.S. Climate Reference Network (USCRN) and Soil Climate Analysis Network (SCAN) (May 2015)
item The soil moisture active passive validation experiment 2012 (SMAPVEX12): pre-launch calibration and validation of the SMAP satellite (May 2015)
item Characterizing the effects of temporal upscaling on remote sensing-based estimates of evapotranspiration at field scales (Apr 2015)
item The KINEROS2 – AGWA Suite of modeling tools (Apr 2015)
item A comparison between two algorithms for the retrieval of soil moisture using AMSR-E data (Apr 2015)
item Quantifying variability in field scale evapotranspiration measurements in an irrigated agricultural region under advection (Apr 2015)
item A unified approach for process-based hydrologic modeling: Part 2. Model implementation and case studies (Apr 2015)
item Comparison of airborne passive and active L-band System (PALS) brightness temperature measurements to SMOS observations during the SMAP validation experiment 2012 (SMAPVEX12) (Apr 2015)
item Different rates of soil drying after rainfall are observed by the SMOS satellite and the South Fork In Situ Soil Moisture Network (Apr 2015)
item Hydrologic response of streams restored with check dams in the Chiricahua Mountains (Mar 2015)
item Bedrock infiltration estimates from a catchment water storage-based modeling approach in the rain snow transition zone (Mar 2015)
item Temperature regimes and turbulent heat fluxes across a heterogeneous canopy in an Alaskan boreal forest (Mar 2015)
item Evaluating hydrological response of future land cover change scenarios in the San Pedro river (U.S./Mexico) with the Automated Geospatial Watershed (AGWA) tool (Mar 2015)
item Real time monitoring of nitrogen, carbon, and suspended sediment flux in two subbasins of the Choptank River Watershed (Mar 2015)
item Wide-area ratios of evapotranspiration to precipitation in monsoon dependent semiarid vegetation communities (Mar 2015)
item Amplitude of the diurnal temperature cycle as observed by thermal infrared and microwave radiometers (Mar 2015)
item Changes in the relationship between solar radiation and sunshine hours in large cities of China (Feb 2015)
item Comparison of satellite-derived LAI and precipitation anomalies over Brazil with a thermal infrared-based Evaporative Stress Index for 2003-2013 (Feb 2015)
item Impact of varying storm intensity and consecutive dry days on grassland soil moisture (Feb 2015)
item Connecting NASA science and engineering with earth science applications (Feb 2015)
item Refinement of SMOS multi-angular brightness temperature toward soil moisture retrieval and its analysis over reference targets (Feb 2015)
item Using temporal changes in drought indices to generate probabilistic drought intensification forecasts (Feb 2015)
item The Thermal Infrared Sensor (TIRS) on Landsat 8: Design overview and pre-launch characterization (Jan 2015)
item Soil moisture and temperature algorithms and validation (Jan 2015)
item Improving flood prediction by the assimilation of satellite soil moisture in poorly monitored catchments (Jan 2015)
item Using microwave observations to estimate land surface temperature during cloudy conditions (Jan 2015)
item The SMAP level 4 surface and root zone soil moisture data assimilation product (Jan 2015)
item Evaluation of SMOS soil moisture products over the CanEx-SM10 area (Jan 2015)
item Application of terrestrial microwave remote sensing to agricultural drought monitoring (Jan 2015)
item Impact of rescaling anomaly and seasonal components of soil moisture on hydrologic data assimilation (Jan 2015)
item Evaluation of dielectric mixing models for microwave soil moisture retrieval using data from the Combined Radar/Radiometer (ComRAD) ground-based SMAP simulator (Dec 2014)
item Comparison of SMOS and SMAP soil moisture retrieval approaches using tower-based radiometer data over a vineyard field (Dec 2014)
item Global albedo change and radiative cooling from anthropogenic land-cover change, 1700 to 2005 based on MODIS, land-use harmonization and radiative kernels (Dec 2014)
item Impact of observation error structure on satellite soil moisture assimilation into a rainfall-runoff model (Dec 2014)
item Leveraging microwave polarization information for calibration of a land data assimilation system (Dec 2014)
item Monitoring crop phenology and growth stages from space: opportunities and challenges (Dec 2014)
item The elephant in the room: spatial heterogeneity and the uncertainty of measurements and models (Dec 2014)
item The impact of temporal auto-correlation mismatch on the assimilation of satellite-derived surface soil moisture retrievals (Dec 2014)
item Generating large-scale estimates from sparse, in-situ networks: multi-scale soil moisture modeling at ARS watersheds for NASA’s soil moisture active passive (SMAP) calibration/validation mission (Dec 2014)
item Validation of in situ networks via field sampling: case study in the South Fork Experimental Watershed (Dec 2014)
item Some Issues in Validating Satellite-based Soil Moisture Retrievals with In Situ Observations and Their Impact on SMAP Validation (Dec 2014)
item Assimilation of passive microwave-based soil moisture and snow depth retrievals for drought estimation (Dec 2014)
item Field-scale moisture estimates using COSMOS sensors: a validation study with temporary networks and leaf-area-indices (Nov 2014)
item Stand-alone error characterisation of microwave satellite soil moisture using a Fourier method (Nov 2014)
item Aquarius/SAC-D soil moisture product using V3.0 observations (Nov 2014)
item Generating multi-scale albedo look-up maps using MODIS BRDF/Albedo products and landsat imagery (Nov 2014)
item Remote sensing of soil water content at large scales (Nov 2014)
item Retrieval of wheat growth parameters with radar vegetation indices (Nov 2014)
item An integrated error estimation and lag-aware data assimilation scheme for real-time flood forecasting (Nov 2014)
item The impacts of assimilating satellite soil moisture into a rainfall-runoff model in a semi-arid catchment (Nov 2014)
item Reanalysis of water and carbon cycle models at a critical zone observatory (Oct 2014)
item Using observations and a distributed hydrologic model to explore runoff thresholds linked with mesquite encroachment in the Sonoran Desert (Oct 2014)
item Soil moisture active passive (SMAP) satellite status and cal/val activities (Oct 2014)
item Simultaneous state and forcing data correction for improved rainfall-runoff modeling (Oct 2014)
item Challenges for continuity of L-Band observations over land (Sep 2014)
item SCA transfer from AMSR-E to AMSR2 (Sep 2014)
item Using remote sensing to characterize the influence of field-scale heterogeneity on in-site measurements of evapotranspiration (Sep 2014)
item Application of thermal-based two-source energy balance model for estimating vineyard evapotranspiration at field and regional scales (Sep 2014)
item Using daily field-scale evapotranspiration (ET) derived with multi-sensor data fusion for monitoring crop condition and yield in central Iowa, United States (Sep 2014)
item Data fusion techniques for mapping daily water use and vegetation stress at field scales (Sep 2014)
item Field test and sensitivity analysis of a sensible heat balance method to determine ice contents (Sep 2014)
item Mapping daily water use and vegetation stress at field to global scales using multi-satellite thermal infrared imagery (Sep 2014)
item Angular effects and correction on medium resolution sensors for crop monitoring (Aug 2014)
item Land surface controls on afternoon precipitation diagnosed from observational data: Uncertainties and confounding factors (Aug 2014)
item Greenland surface albedo changes 1981-2012 from satellite observations (Aug 2014)
item A thermal-based remote sensing modeling system for estimating crop water use, stress and drought from field to global scales (Aug 2014)
item An approach for the long-term 30-m land surface snow-free albedo retrieval from historic Landsat surface reflectance and MODIS-based a priori anisotropy knowledge (Aug 2014)
item Long-term decrease in satellite vegetation indices in response to environmental variables in an iconic desert riparian ecosystem: the Upper San Pedro, Arizona, USA (Aug 2014)
item Summer soil moisture spatiotemporal variability in southeastern Arizona (Aug 2014)
item Functional response of U.S. grasslands to the early 21st century drought (Aug 2014)
item Modeling flash flood events in an ungaged semi-arid basin using a real-time distributed model: Fish Creek near Anza Borrego, California (Aug 2014)
item Data-driven diagnostics of terrestrial carbon dynamics over North America (Jul 2014)
item The impact of vertical measurement depth on the information content of soil moisture times series data (Jul 2014)
item Upper Washita River experimental watersheds: Multiyear stability of soil water content profiles (Jul 2014)
item Evaluation of SMAP radiometer level 2 soil moisture algorithms using four years of SMOS data (Jul 2014)
item AMSR-E-Based soil moisture retrieval algorithms and transferability to AMSR2 (Jul 2014)
item Feasibility of inter-comparing airborne and spaceborne obsevations of radar backscattering coefficients (Jul 2014)
item Pre-Launch phase 2 rehearsal of the calibration and validation of soil moisture active passive (SMAP) geophysical data products (Jul 2014)
item A parsimonious land data assimilation system for the SMAP/GPM satellite era (Jul 2014)
item Snow distribution, melt and surface water inputs to the soil in the mountain rain-snow transition zone (Jun 2014)
item Beyond triple collocation: Applications to satellite soil moisture (Jun 2014)
item Extending the soil moisture record of the climate reference network with machine learning (Jun 2014)
item Conclusions from the SMAP Marena Oklahoma in situ soil moisture testbed (SMAP-MOISST) (Jun 2014)
item Impact of prolonged drought on rainfall use efficiency using MODIS data across China in the early 21st century (Jun 2014)
item When vegetation change alters ecosystem water availability (Jun 2014)
item Evaluation of assumptions in soil moisture triple collocation analysis (Jun 2014)
item Benchmarking a soil moisture data assimilation system for agricultural drought monitoring (Jun 2014)
item The use of similarity concepts to represent sub-grid variability in hydrologic and land-surface models: case study in a snowmelt dominated watershed (Jun 2014)
item Assessing the sensitivities of distributed snow models to forcing data resolution (May 2014)
item Utility of thermal remote sensing for evapotranspiration estimation of vineyards (May 2014)
item The unique value of landsurface temperature for mapping evapotranspiration and drought (May 2014)
item Soil, snow, weather, and sub-surface storage data from a mountain catchment in the rain-snow transition zone (Apr 2014)
item Iowa flood studies (IFloodS) in the South Fork experimental watershed: soil moisture and precipitation monitoring (Apr 2014)
item Monitoring water use and crop condition in California vineyards at multiple scales using multi-sensor satellite data fusion (Apr 2014)
item A remote sensing-based dry and wet limit-reference evapotranspiration model for water use monitoring (Apr 2014)
item Calibration and validation of the COSMOS rover for surface soil moisture (Apr 2014)
item Comparison of methods for estimating evapotranspiration in a small rangeland catchment (Apr 2014)
item Validation of spatiotemporally dense springtime land surface phenology with intensive and upscale in situ (Apr 2014)
item Soil moisture and precipitation monitoring in the South Fork experimental watershed during the Iowa flood studies (IFloodS) (Apr 2014)
item Integration of multiple satellite sensor resources for soil moisture and land surface temperature (Apr 2014)
item Generating daily land surface temperature at Landsat resolution by fusing Landsat and MODIS data (Apr 2014)
item Quantifying the time scales over which exogenous and endogenous conditions affect soil respiration (Apr 2014)
item Operational data fusion framework for building frequent Landsat-like imagery in a cloudy region (Apr 2014)
item An integrated modelling framework of catchment-scale ecohydrological processes: 1. Model description and tests over an energy-limited watershed (Apr 2014)
item Remote monitoring of soil moisture using passive microwave-based technologies – theoretical basic and overview of selected algorithms for AMSR-E (Mar 2014)
item Global and time-resolved monitoring of crop photosynthesis with chlorophyll fluorescence (Mar 2014)
item Mapping impervious surfaces using object-oriented classification in a semiarid urban region (Mar 2014)
item Upscaling of evapotranspiration fluxes from instantaneous to daytime scales for thermal remote sensing applications (Mar 2014)
item Mapping daily evapotranspiration at field scales over rainfed and irrigated agricultural areas using remote sensing data fusion (Mar 2014)
item A ground based L-band radiometer for the monitoring of soil moisture in the region of Millbrook, New York, USA (Mar 2014)
item Inter-comparison of soil moisture sensors from the soil moisture active passive marena Oklahoma in situ sensor testbed (SMAP-MOISST) (Mar 2014)
item Landsat-8: science and product vision for terrestrial global change research (Mar 2014)
item Process-based modeling of temperature and water profiles in the seedling recruitment zone: Part I. Model validation (Mar 2014)
item Process-based modeling of temperature and water profiles in the seedling recruitment zone: Part II. Seedling emergence timing (Mar 2014)
item Comparison between SMOS, VUA, ASCAT, and ECMWF soil moisture products over four watersheds in the U.S. (Mar 2014)
item All-season flash flood forecasting system for real-time operations (Mar 2014)
item A parsimonious data assimilation system for optimally integrating multi-sensor satellite observations over semi-arid areas (Feb 2014)
item Learning from the scientific legacies of W. Brutsaert and J.-Y. Parlange (Feb 2014)
item Evaluation of a two source snow-vegetation energy balance model for estimating surface energy fluxes in a rangeland ecosystem (Feb 2014)
item Global scale estimation of land surface heat fluxes from space: current status, opportunities and future direction (Feb 2014)
item Data fusion techniques for mapping daily water use and vegetation stress at field scales (Feb 2014)
item Assessing the remote sensing derived evaporative stress index with ground observations of crop conditions to advance drought early warning (Feb 2014)
item Callibration and validation of SMAP soil moisture and coordination with other satelitte products (Jan 2014)
item An observing system simulation experiment (OSSE) for the aquarius/SAC-D soil moisture product (Jan 2014)
item Soil Evaporation (Jan 2014)
item Comparison of prognostic and diagnostic surface flux modeling approaches over the Nile River Basin (Jan 2014)
item The auto-tuned land data assimilation system (ATLAS) (Jan 2014)
item Effect of forward/inverse model asymmetries over retrieved soil moisture assessed with an OSSE for the Aquarius/SAC-D (Jan 2014)
item Long-term snow distribution observations in a mountain catchment: assessing variability, time stability, and the representativeness of an index site (Jan 2014)
item Single channel soil moisture algorithm and validation in the U.S. (Jan 2014)
item An approach to constructing a homogeneous time series of soil mositure using SMOS (Jan 2014)
item The soil moisture active passive experiments (SMAPEx): Towards soil moisture retrieval from the SMAP mission (Jan 2014)
item Diagnosing soil moisture anomalies and neglected soil moisture source/sink processes via a thermal infrared-based two-source energy balance model (Jan 2014)
item Benchmarking the performance of a land data assimilation system for agricultural drought monitoring (Jan 2014)
item Monitoring soybean growth using L, C, X-band scatterometer data (Dec 2013)
item Actual evapotranspiration (water use) assessment of the Colorado River Basin at the Landsat resolution using the operational Simplified Surface Energy Balance Model. (Dec 2013)
item Error characterization of microwave satellite soil moisture data sets using fourier analysis (Dec 2013)
item Spatiotemporal variability of summer precipitation in southeastern Arizona (Dec 2013)
item Estimating evapotranspiration in a rice field using a remote-sensing based two source energy balance model (Dec 2013)
item The south fork experimental watershed: Soil moisture and precipitation network for satellite validation (Dec 2013)
item Towards improving the NASA standard soil moisture retrieval algorithm and product (Dec 2013)
item Evaluating the performance of a soil moisture data assimilation system for agricultural drought monitoring (Dec 2013)
item Reconciling diurnal features of thermal-andmicrowave-derived land surface temperature (Dec 2013)
item Drought monitoring using remote sensing of evapotranspiration (Dec 2013)
item Nocturnal soil CO2 uptake and its relationship to sub-surface soil and ecosystem carbon fluxes in a Chihuahuan Desert shrubland (Dec 2013)
item Information loss in approximately bayesian data assimilation: a comparison of generative and discriminative approaches to estimating agricultural yield (Dec 2013)
item Passive microwave soil moisture downscaling using vegetation index and skin surface temperature (Nov 2013)
item Freezing and thawing processes (Nov 2013)
item Constraining root-zone soil water availability using data assimilation and satellite remote sensing (Nov 2013)
item Application of radiometric surface temperature for surface energy balance estimation: John Monteith's contributions (Nov 2013)
item Sharpening landsat 8 thermal imagery for field scale ET mapping (Nov 2013)
item State of the art in large-scale soil moisture monitoring (Nov 2013)
item Climate change's impact on key ecosystem services and the human well-being they support in the US (Nov 2013)
item Monitoring soybean growth using L,C,X-band scatterometer data (Nov 2013)
item Mapping surface fluxes and moisture conditions from field to global scales using ALEXI/DisALEXI (Oct 2013)
item On the synergistic use of microwave and infrared satellite observations to monitor soil moisture and flooding (Oct 2013)
item Modeling evapotranspiration and its partitioning over a semiarid shrub ecosystem from satellite imagery: a multiple validation (Oct 2013)
item Landscape and environmental controls over leaf and ecosystem carbon dioxide fluxes under woody plant expansion (Oct 2013)
item Timing of the diurmal temperature cycle in remote sensing and model (Oct 2013)
item Integrating remote sensing data from multiple optical sensors for ecological and crop condition monitoring (Sep 2013)
item Estimating surface energy fluxes over an Andalusian Dehesa ecosystem using a thermal-based two-source energy balance model and validation with flux tower measurements (Sep 2013)
item Integrating SMOS in SMAP Cal/Val (Sep 2013)
item Use of light-use efficiency and land-surface temperature as joint constraints in coupled water, energy and carbon flux retrievals (Sep 2013)
item Very high resolution time-lapse photography for plant and ecosystems research (Sep 2013)
item Wheat growth monitoring with radar vegetation indices (Aug 2013)
item Evaluating the effect of rainfall variability on vegetation establishment in a semidesert grassland (Aug 2013)
item Evaluation of several calibration procedures for a portable soil moisture sensor (Aug 2013)
item An intercomparison of remotely sensed soil moisture products at various spatial scales over the Iberian penisula (Aug 2013)
item Retrieving leaf area index from landsat using MODIS LAI products and field measurements (Aug 2013)
item Influence of angular effects on surface reflections for crops (Aug 2013)
item Estimating riparian and agricultural actual evapotranspiration by reference evapotranspiration and MODIS Enhanced Vegetation Index (Aug 2013)
item Examining rapid onset drought development using the thermal infrared based evaporative stress index (Aug 2013)
item Model enhancements for urban runoff predictions in the South-West United States 2182 (Aug 2013)
item Utility of a thermal-based two-source energy balance model for estimating surface fluxes over complex landscapes (Jul 2013)
item The differential response of surface fluxes from Agro-ecosystems in response to local environmental conditions (Jul 2013)
item Effects of forcing uncertainties in the improvement skills of assimilating satellite soil moisture retrievals into flood forecasting models (Jul 2013)
item L-band active/passive time series measurements over a growing season usign the COMRAD ground-based SMAP (Jul 2013)
item Aquarius salinity and wind retrieval using the cap algorithm and application to water cycle observation in the Indian ocean and subcontinent (Jul 2013)
item Analysis and validation of SMOS brightness temperature data with airborne and spaceborne observations (Jul 2013)
item Development of a aquarius/sac-d soil moisture product (Jul 2013)
item Estimating wheat growth with radar vegetation indices (Jul 2013)
item U.S National cropland soil moisture monitoring using SMAP (Jul 2013)
item Using SMOS obervations for science development of the SMAP level 4 surface and root zone soil moisture algorithm (Jul 2013)
item Application of the Auto-Tuned Land Assimilation System (ATLAS) to ASCAT and SMOS soil moisture retrieval products (Jul 2013)
item SMAP validation experiment 2012 (SMAPVEX12): Overview and outlook (Jul 2013)
item Leveraging simultaneous SMOS and ASCAT soil moisture products for enhanced hydrologic prediction (Jul 2013)
item Using a thermal-based two source energy balance model with time-differencing to estimate surface energy fluxes with day-night MODIS observations (Jul 2013)
item A remote-sensing driven tool for estimating crop stress and yields (Jul 2013)
item The potential utility of land surface modeling and data assimilation for satellite soil moisture validation activities (Jul 2013)
item SMAP validation of soil moisture products (Jul 2013)
item Using a diagnostic soil-plant-atmosphere model for monitoring drought at field to continental scales (Jun 2013)
item Antecedent conditions influence soil respiration differences in shrub and grass patches (Jun 2013)
item Projecting avian responses to landscape management along the Middle Rio Grande, New Mexico (Jun 2013)
item Improved mapping of carbon, water, and energy land-surface fluxes using hyperspectral data (May 2013)
item Data fusion techniques for mapping daily water use at field scales (May 2013)
item Modeling the effect of antecedent soil water storage on water and heat status in seasonally freezing and thawing agricultural soils (May 2013)
item Consequences of cool-season drought induced plant mortality to Chihuahuan Desert grassland ecosystem and soil respiration dynamics (May 2013)
item Satellite retrievals of leaf chlorophyll and photosynthetic capacity for improved modeling of GPP (May 2013)
item An evaluation of methods for determining during-storm precipitation phase and the rain/snow transition elevation at the surface in a mountain basin (May 2013)
item Simulating wind-affected snow accumulations at catchment to basin scales (May 2013)
item Mapping land-surface fluxes of carbon, water and energy from field to regional scales (Apr 2013)
item The soil moisture active passive (SMAP) mission and validation (Apr 2013)
item Validating the BERMS in situ soil water content data record with a large scale temporary network (Apr 2013)
item Improving carbon, water and energy land-surface flux retrievals using indicators of canopy light use efficiency (Apr 2013)
item Estimating potential evapotranspiration with improved radiation estimation (Apr 2013)
item Benchmarking a soil moisture data assimilation system for agricultural drought monitoring (Apr 2013)
item Monitoring crop and vegetation condition using the fused dense time-series landsat-like imagery (Apr 2013)
item Modelling surface energy fluxes over a Dehesa ecosystem using a two-source energy balance model (Apr 2013)
item A review on temporal stability of soil water contents (Apr 2013)
item Anomalous trend in soil evaporation in semi-arid, snow-dominated watersheds (Mar 2013)
item Evaluation of distributed hydrologic impacts of temperature-index and energy-based snow models (Mar 2013)
item Mapping vegetation water content in the Red river basin during the soil moisture active passive validation experiment (Mar 2013)
item The SMAP Cal/Val plan (Mar 2013)
item Extreme precipitation patterns reduced terrestrial ecosystem production across biomass (Mar 2013)
item Use of in situ and airborne multiangle data to assess MODIS-and landsat-based estimates of directional reflectance and albedo (Mar 2013)
item Numerical evaluation of a sensible heat balance method to determine rates of soil freezing and thawing (Feb 2013)
item SMAP L2/L3 soil moisture algorithms and CAL/VAL (Feb 2013)
item Estimation of vine and inter-row transpiration/evaporation for improved water management using remote sensing (Jan 2013)
item SMAP Cal/Val and sparse networks (Dec 2012)
item Response of Cross-biome Productivity to the Early 21st Century Drought (Dec 2012)
item The utility of a thermal-based two-source energy balance model for estimating surface energy fluxes over a snow-dominated landscape (Dec 2012)
item The inherent uncertainty of in-situ observations and its implications for modeling evapotranspiration (Dec 2012)
item Effect of dew on aircraft-based passive microwave observations over an agricultural domain (Dec 2012)
item A data mining approach for sharpening satellite thermal imagery over land (Oct 2012)
item Sharpening landsat thermal infrared imagery for mapping evapotranspiration at field scale (Oct 2012)
item Assessing satellite-based rainfall estimates in semi-arid watersheds using the USDA-ARS Walnut Gulch gauge network and TRMM-PR (Oct 2012)
item KINEROS2/AGWA: Model use, calibration, and validation (Oct 2012)
item Simultaneous heat and water model: Model use, calibration and validation (Sep 2012)
item Global estimation of evapotranspiration using a leaf area index-based surface energy and water balance model (Sep 2012)
item An integrated approach for high spatial resolution mapping of water and carbon fluxes using multi-sensor data (Jul 2012)
item On the relationship between nominal light use efficiency and leaf chlorophyll (Jul 2012)
item Impacts of Climate Change on Ecosystem Services (Jun 2012)
item Ecohydrologic connections and complexities in drylands: New perspectives for understanding transformative landscape change (Apr 2012)
item Indirect measurement of leaf area index in sagebrush-steppe rangelands (Mar 2012)
item Enhancing model-based land surface temperature estimates using multi-platform microwave remote sensing products (Mar 2012)
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