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Natural Resources

Snowmelt runoff fills a reservoir in the Rocky Mountains Snowpack accumulation at 14,255 ft. on Longs Peak in Colorado. Site of the 90-square-mile Reynolds Creek Experimental Watershed Rio Grande River camelina flower Male lesser prairie chicken Chesapeake Bay 
flume for monitoring runoff
Cow standing near a stream Cactus Collect water samples from Biscayne Bay Collect water samples from Walnut Creek Birds on beach along Chesapeake Bay Algae being sampled by an ARS researcher Great Grey Heron  
Grassland-shrub savanna Prairie Rangeland in the Muddy Creek Watershed Lake Erie’s Maumee Bay Rio Grande manager of sheep operations and range resources Mississippi River
Juniper Mountain
Hidden Valley grass A weir rangeland in the Northern Plains A dust storm Scientist measuring soil carbon