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ARS Posts Latest Edition of Quarterly Report of Research Progress

By Hank Becker
December 1, 2000

The Agricultural Research Service has posted a new issue of the Quarterly Report of Research Progress for July 1 to September 30, 2000, on its web site at:


The Quarterly contains the latest ARS research findings on subjects such as soil and water, plants, human nutrition, animal and crop research. The report also includes technology transfer-related information such as patents, licenses and cooperative research agreements with private companies.

In this issue:

  • An on-farm detection kit for Salmonella enteritidis has been developed by ARS scientists through a cooperative research and development agreement with Neogen, Inc., of Lansing, MI. The kit allows the egg producer to test birds on the premises without costly procedures that are now necessary.
  • ARS researchers have now released a new lilac (Syringa) cultivar called Betsy Ross. This is the first release from ARS’ lilac genetic improvement program.
  • ARS has filed a patent application on active substances in cinnamon that wake up body cells to the hormone insulin--in test tube studies.
  • Adding a smidgen of oat oil to bread dough could be the secret to making heart-healthy bread that’s soft and has an increased loaf size and longer shelf life.
  • A new method for mass-producing white blood cells called macrophages has been developed by ARS animal scientists.
  • A study has shown that elderly Hispanics with diabetes are more likely to lose muscle and the ability to move around with ease or take care of basic needs than are non-Hispanic whites with diabetes.
  • Designing rock chutes has been made easier--with fewer design errors--thanks to a new computer program.

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