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2012 News Archive

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December 17 Arming U.S. Troops with Insect-protective Gear
December 13 Better Tools for Saving Water and Keeping Peaches Healthy
December 10 Military Benefits from Insecticide Spray Equipment Testing
December 5 ARS Honors New Science Hall of Fame Inductees
December 3 Dressing U.S. Troops to Safeguard Against Insect Attacks
November 29 Sources of E. coli Are Not Always What They Seem
November 28 USDA Scientists and Cooperators Sequence the Wheat Genome in Breakthrough for Global Food Security
November 26 Stopping Flies Before They Mature
November 21 Saving Water without Hurting Peach Production
November 19 Protecting U.S. Troops Against Sand Flies
November 15 Fire Logs Made From Lawn Clippings Offer Earth-Friendly Option
November 13 Baiting Mosquitoes with Knowledge and Proven Insecticides
November 8 Spraying Insecticide? There's an App for That
November 5 Scientists Identify Insect-repelling Compounds in Jatropha
November 2 November Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online
November 1 USDA Patents Method to Reduce Ammonia Emissions
October 31 Scientists Find Aphid Resistance in Black Raspberry
October 26 Minimizing Mining Damage with Manure
October 24 Researchers Create Potatoes with Higher Levels of Carotenoids
October 22 Research Aims to Extend Strawberry Growing Season in Mid-Atlantic Region
October 19 Beneficial Mold Packaged in Bioplastic
October 17 Tapping Sorghum's Potential for Cold Tolerance
October 15 Gene Suppression can Reduce Cold-induced Sweetening in Potatoes
October 11 Scientists Use New Method to Help Reduce Piglet Mortality
October 9 Rearing Technique May Bolster Biocontrol Wasp's Commercial Prospects
October 5 Tree Nut Research May Unexpectedly Lead to Medical Advances
October 3 ARS Scientists Devising New Ways to Protect Avocados
October 1 Trapping Weevils and Saving Monarchs
September 27 Napiergrass: A Potential Biofuel Crop for the Sunny Southeast
September 24 Managing Soil Copper in Crops Irrigated with Cattle Footbath Wastewater
September 21 USDA Laboratory, Florida Students Release Beetles to Combat Invasive Vine in Florida
September 20 New Uses for Old Tools Could Boost Biodiesel Output
September 17 Sorghum Eyed as a Southern Bioenergy Crop
September 13 "Pink Lemonade," "Razz," "Sweetheart," and "Cara's Choice": Superb Blueberries from ARS
September 10 USDA Establishes National Watershed Research Network
September 10 Researchers Use "Banker Plants" to Help Battle Whitefly Pests
September 6 Immature Switchgrass Could Help Cellulosic Ethanol Industry
September 4 Hormone Therapy for Fruit Flies Means Better Pest Control
August 30 No-Till Farming Helps Capture Snow and Soil Water
August 27 A Greener Way to Fertilize Nursery Crops
August 23 No-Till Could Help Maintain Crop Yields Despite Climate Change
August 20 Nematodes with Pest-Fighting Potential Identified
August 17 Researchers Investigate Natural Compounds in Cranberries
August 16 Using a Universal Pathway to Whack at Weeds
August 9 Technology Enhanced to Evaluate Tenderness and Color Stability in Meat
August 6 Treasures of USDA History Preserved at National Agricultural Library
August 3 Climate Changes Help Grass Come Back to U.S. Rangelands
August 1 New, Fresh-Market Blueberries Available for Southern Production
July 26 Newly Found Genes May Lead to Nematode-resistant Upland Cotton
July 25 New ARS Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Issued
July 23 Focusing on Flood-tolerant Soybeans
July 19 July Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online
July 16 "Kiddio" App May Help Parents Get Kids to Eat More Vegetables
July 13 A Greener Way to Raise Cotton and Combat Nematodes
July 11 Researchers Use Oxygenated Phosphine Fumigation to Control Insect Pests
July 9 Egg Yolk Loaded with Antibodies Boosts Poultry's Immunity
July 5 Improving Air Quality with No-Till Cropping
July 2 Scientists Probe Yeast's Ability to Protect Tree Nuts
June 28 Organic Compounds Eliminate Disease-causing Pathogens
June 25 Constructing Antimicrobials that Destroy Bacteria
June 21 Keeping the Green in Putting Greens
June 18 Treating Mastitis in Dairy Cattle with Vitamin D
June 12 USDA's Agricultural Research Service Announces Scientist of the Year and Other Awards
June 7 A New Tool for Studying Insect-Plant Warfare
June 4 USDA Scientists, Colleagues Complete Most Comprehensive Genetic Analysis of Corn to Date
May 31 Survey by USDA and Collaborators Reports Fewer Winter Honey Bee Losses
May 29 Treating Poultry Diseases without Antibiotics
May 23 USDA Links Gene Flow Between Weedy and Domesticated Rice to Rising Carbon Dioxide Levels
May 22 USDA Irrigation Research: Good to the Last Drop
May 17 New Technique Used to Discover New Viruses in Poultry
May 10 New Treatments Could Reduce Odors in Cotton Fabric
May 8 New Tool for Tracking a Voracious Pest
May 3 Biocontrol Agent Tested to Battle Invasive Kudzu Bug
April 30 Barcoding Insects as a Way to Track and Control Them
April 27 Analyzing Green Tea Leaves and Supplements
April 25 Latest ARS Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Issued
April 23 Soil Erosion Modeling: It's Getting Better All the Time
April 20 Researchers Analyze Metabolites in Blood
April 18 April Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online
April 16 A New Approach to Molecular Plant Breeding
April 13 Nanotech Cotton Opens Up New Possibilities for the Fiber--and its Fans
April 9 High-tech Tactic May Expose Stealthy Salmonella
April 6 New Technology Sheds Light on Viruses
April 2 Reducing Insecticide Use by Identifying Disease-Carrying Aphids
March 26 Better Analysis Methods for Vitamin D
March 22 New Cherry Tree Highlights 100th Anniversary of Japanese Gift
March 19 ARS Nutrient Data Available via Phone Apps and Interactive Websites
March 12 Snacking Associated with Increased Calories, Decreased Nutrients
March 5 The Stealth Sodium Revolution
March 1 Monitoring the Population's Food and Supplement Intakes
February 28 Prairie Restoration Also Helps Restore Water Quality
February 23 Battling Insects that Cause Trouble in Paradise
February 21 Infrared-Based Approach Explored for Keeping Almonds Safe to Eat
February 16 Wood Chips Help Curb Nitrate Leaching
February 14 Natural Selenium Coproduct Good for Sheep
February 9 Biobased Approaches Examined in Fight Against Zebra Chip
February 7 A New Tool for Mapping Water Use and Drought
February 3 New Insights into Invasive Plant Management
February 1 Corn Gene Helps Fight Multiple Leaf Diseases
January 30 Vaccine Protects Against Leptospirosis
January 27 ARS Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Issued
January 26 New Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online
January 25 USDA Unveils New Plant Hardiness Zone Map
January 24 Finding New Forages for Rangeland Cattle
January 20 Seeding Strategies Help Rangelands Recover from Fire
January 19 Ongoing Research Analyzes Formulas, Mother's Milk
January 18 New Tool for Cleaning Up Soils and Waterways: Prickly Pear
January 13 Nutrient Data in Time for the New Year
January 12 Comparing Energy Conversion of Plants and Solar Cells
January 11 Hydrogels Help Grasses Grow on Remote, Arid Rangelands
January 10 Sugar Beets Benefit from Scientific Support
January 5 Decoding Corn Defenses for Improved Pest Resistance
January 3 Sunn Hemp Shows Promise as Biofuel Source