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More information about how HoneySweet is expected to be used—

Does ARS plan to release the HoneySweet plum as a commercial variety?

HoneySweet has been cleared for release as a variety by all agencies that have authority for the approval of genetically engineered plants in the United States. ARS researchers involved in the development of HoneySweet are working with plum breeders and the tree fruit industry to use HoneySweet as a parent in developing additional new PPV resistant varieties suitable for all plum growing areas of the United States. In this way, ARS and its partners are developing a stock of resistant varieties for United States, should PPV enter and spread here in the future.

Will HoneySweet fresh fruit have to be labeled as genetically engineered?

Not according to U.S. regulations.

What about labeling to sell as prunes or other processed fruit?

Not according to U.S. regulations.