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2023 News Archive

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June 5 BRIDGEcereal: Self-Teaching Web App Improves Speed, Accuracy of Classifying DNA Variations Among Cereal Varieties
May 23 USDA, University of Kentucky Break Ground on New Forage Research Building
May 22 Time is of the Essence: 100 Years of Data Identify the Right Time to Regenerate Perennial Grasses
May 16 A Purrr-fect Use for Soy Waste?
May 15 Timing Matters When Reducing Fusarium Head Blight in Winter Barley
May 9 Scientists Use Gene-Editing Technology to Produce First Calf Resistant to Major Viral Disease
May 8 USDA-ARS Research Entomologist Named Finalist in the Samuel J. Heyman Service To America Medal
May 8 USDA's Research Chemist Named Finalist in The Science, Technology and Environment Category For Samuel J. Heyman Service To America Medal
May 8 New Research Reveals How Grazing Management Practices Affect Cattle Weight Gain by Altering Foraging Behavior
April 25 Keeping Corn from Frequenting the Phosphorus Buffet Line
April 24 Sorghum Bran Rises as an Ingredient for Enhancing Gluten-Free Bread
April 19 USDA-ARS Names Two Scientists To Hall of Fame
April 12 Scientists Evaluate Potential Human Cannabinol Exposure from Consuming Meat if Cattle is Fed Hempseed Cake
April 11 USDA Researchers Develop Natural, Washable Antimicrobial Cleaning Wipes
April 10 USDA-ARS Now Stewarding the Rangeland Analysis Platform
March 28 USDA-ARS Joins WCR Global Coffee Breeding Network, Adds Access to New Germplasm
March 27 Don't Pass on Those Veggies! Eating the Right Amount Can Improve Mental Health and Happiness
March 14 Researchers Aim to Reduce Pesticide Drift in the Lower Mississippi Delta
March 8 The Agricultural Research Service is Breeding a Better Potato for a Better Potato Chip
March 6 Researchers Develop Sweetpotato Clones with Improved Insect Resistance and Weed Tolerance
February 23 U.S. National Arboretum Offers Solution to Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Pest
February 22 Bioluminescence May Shine Light on Roundworm Secrets
February 15 DNA Research Finds Low Genetic Diversity Among U.S. Honey Bees
February 7 USDA-ARS Scientists Developing New Tests, New Ways to Track COVID In Wild and Domestic Animals
February 6 USDA Names Simon Liu as New ARS Administrator
February 2 Strengthening Sorghum Against a Worldwide Fungal Threat
January 31 Sorghum: The Unlikely Food Source for Pollinators
January 19 Metabolic Pathway in Honey Bees Discovered with Strong Connections to Winter Colony Losses
January 18 USDA Researchers Develop Naturally Fire-Resistant Cotton Lines
January 17 New ARS Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Issued