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Livestock GRACEnet Factsheets
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The Livestock GRACEnet group has prepared a series of publications related to reducing emissions from livestock production as well as a few related to modelling on-farm emissions.  Please click on the links below to download the factsheets. Author contact information is listed on each sheet for further information.

Treating Poultry Litter with Aluminum Sulfate

Poultry Litter Moisture Management to Reduce Ammonia

Subsurface Injection of Manure to Reduce Ammonia Losses and Odor

Manure Scraper for Reducing Odor Emissions from Swine Barns

Dietary Management to decrease Methane Emissions from Beef Feedlots

Phase Feeding Crude Protein to Decrease Ammonia Emissions from Finishing Beef Cattle

DairyGEM: Software for Evaluating Gaseous Emissions from Dairy Farms

The Integreated Farm System Model: Software for Evaluating the Performance, Enviornmental Impact and Economics of Farming Systems