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National Program 212: Soil and Air
GRACEnet Sampling Protocols
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Sampling Protocols (2010)•
R. F. Follett (editor)

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I.  Introduction ------------------------------------------------- Pages I-1 to I-4
Ronald F. Follett

II. GRACEnet Protocols

Chapter 1.Guidelines for Site Description and Soil
Sampling, Processing, Analysis, and Archiving
---------------- Pages 1-1 to 1-5
Mark Liebig, Gary Varvel, and Wayne Honeycutt

Chapter 2.Plant Sampling Guidelines ------------------------ Pages 2-1 to 2-10
Jane Johnson and Jack Morgan

Chapter 3. Chamber-Based Trace
Gas Flux Measurements
----------------------------------------- Pages 3-1 to 3-39
Tim Parkin and Rod Venterea

Chapter 4.Micrometeorological Measurements -------------- Pages 4-1 to 4-10
John Baker and Bruce Kimball

Chapter 5. Guidelines to Populate the
GRACEnet Database Template
-----------------------------------Pages 5-1 to 5-4
Steve Del Grosso, Jeffrey White, David James, and Greg Wilson