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Ward, Todd J
Research Leader
(309) 681-6394
Office of Center Director, NCAUR
1815 N. University Street
Peoria IL 61604

NCAUR invents new industrial and food products from agricultural commodities, develops new technologies to improve environmental quality, and provides technical support to Federal regulatory and action agencies. As the designated lead technology transfer facility for USDA, NCAUR maintains a mixed portfolio of interdisciplinary science ranging from fundamental to applied research. Microorganisms and/or their enzymes are being developed to transform raw agricultural materials (starch, proteins, oils) to commercially valuable products such as food additives, fuels, cosmetics, and industrial lubricants. Processing technologies that include extrusion, jet cooking, high pressure reactions, and supercritical extraction are being used to make new value-added products such as biodegradable plastics, edible films, printing inks, novel flavors, and pigments. Modern biotechnology tools are being used to produce new products for many industrial uses, improved food quality, and better human nutrition. The techniques are also being used to control agricultural pests (microorganisms, weeds, insects) that decrease crop yields, pose health hazards, and limit exports for American crops in world trade.

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