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About Bio-Oils Research (BOR)

The primary focus of the BOR unit is product development from new industrial crops that possess certain agronomic and other beneficial features not found in traditional commodity crops.

Interdisciplinary expertise in chemistry, chemical engineering and agricultural sciences is used to generate new, commerciallyviable materials from agricultural feedstocks. This product development spans the full spectrum from discovery of new crops, their agronomic development and chemical conversion to industrially significant materials.

Equipment and expertise is available for planting and harvesting new crops, extraction of seed oil and refining and converting crude seed oils into highervalue bio-based materials and fuels.  Additionally, the Unit contains an extensive collection of highly specialized instrumentation that is used to measure composition and physical properties of fuels, lubricants and other bio-based products.

These individual areas of expertise and equipment are leveraged in concert to generate a unique capacity for truly innovative breakthroughs.



The Bio-oils Research is located in Peoria, IL and is part of the Midwest Area.
The Acting Research Leader is Terry Isbell.
Phone: 309-681-6532
Fax: 309-681-6524
1815 N. University Street
Peoria, IL 61604