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Delta Human Nutrition Research Program


Mission: Enhance the knowledge base about complex relationships among dietary intake, diet quality, food and nutrition security, and child and adult overweight/obesity and their comorbidities.

Short-term goals: Identify intrapersonal characteristics, social domain elements, and environmental factors that can be modified to prevent or mitigate child and adult obesity and its negative effects by applying a multifactorial approach to analyzing nationally representative and regional dietary datasets.

Long-term goal: Improve the health and well-being of the nation's children and adults, particularly those living in the Lower Mississippi Delta region.


The Delta Human Nutrition Research Program is located in Stoneville, MS and is part of the SEA.
The Team Leader is Dr. Jessica Thomson, Research Epidemiologist.
Telephone: 225-892-3662
141 Experiment Station Road
Stoneville, MS 38776