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Welcome to the Plains Area RPES webpage.  Here you will find links useful for Category 1 scientists preparing to go through the evaluation process, as well as specific guidance related to the process. Please do not wait until you have been notified that your case write-up is due before looking at this information. 

Plains Area RPES Contacts:


On this Page:


RPES at a Glance

Manual 431.3-ARS - RPES Case Writeup Preparation and Guidance for Panelists
Includes all formatting instructions & general guidance

Policies and Procedures 431.3-ARS - Research Position Evaluation System

Research Grade Evaluation Guide (RGEG)

RPES Evaluation Criteria - Table delineates characteristics required for point values assigned by the panel during evaluation

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AD-332 - Position Description Cover Sheet

ARS-229 -  Special Form - Factor 4, Level F Criteria (Supergrade)

ARS-514 - Research Position Evaluation Case Writeup (Cover Sheet)

ARS-570 - Indepth Reviewer Contact Sheet

Case Writeup (Outline)

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Preparing Your RPES Case Writeup - Instructions and tips for a successful case writeup

How to prepare a (better!) case writeup

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ARS RPES Website 
RPES Advisory Committee 
RPE Staff 
RPES Grade Conversion Table 

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