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Welcome to the Plains Area Ethics Webpage.  Our goal is to provide all employees with the information and resources they need in regards to ethical rules, regulations and procedures within USDA-ARS.

Plains Area Ethics Contacts

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Ethics at a Glance

Gifts from Outside Sources   

Gift Exchange - Internal  

Seeking Employment in the Private Sector  

Participation in Non-Federal Organizations   

Suggestions to Avoid Ethics Problems  

Self Help

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1. Acceptance of Travel Funds from a Non-Federal Source   
    a. AD-1101
    b. Include Letter of Invitation from Sponsor
    c. Include Signed Letter of Acceptance from Supervisor

2. Request for Approval of Outside Activity
    a. OE-101

3. Requesting Approval to Serve as an Officer, Director, or Trustee of a Non-profit Professional
    Organization in an Official Capacity
    a. OE-208 
    b. Include Invitation or nomination (email accepted) from the nonprofit professional organization
    c. Copy of (or hyperlink to) the organization's bylaws stating they are 501C 
    d. Sample Letter Official Capacity for a Society (on AXON - Password Required)

4. Conflict of Interest Certification
    a. SEB-102 

5. Request for Approval to Accept an Award from a Non-Federal Source
    a. SEB-103 

6. Request for Approval of Official Duty Activity
    a. SEB-106
    b. Include Letter of Invitation from Organization

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Annual Ethics Training 

Ethics Training    


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Ethics on Axon

USDA Science Ethics Branch

Related Sources of Information

USDA Ethics Issuances

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Last Modified: 11/28/2016
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