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Office of The Area Director
Chandler, Laurence - Larry
Area Director
USDA-ARS-PA-NRRC, Office of the Director
2150 Centre Avenue, Building D, Suite 300
Fort Collins, CO 80526

The mission of the Plains Area Office of the Director is to lead the units in achieving research excellence, responsiveness, and accountability driven by integrity and teamwork that exceeds customer expectations, and enhances coordination with the Office of National Programs (ONP) and Administrative & Financial Management (AFM).

  Plains Area
    Office of The Area Director
Applebaum, Laura
(970) 492-7059

Bernhardt, Sarah
(970) 492-7057

Program Analyst
Chandler, Laurence Larry
(970) 492-7057

Area Director
Cohen, Alan
(970) 492-7098

Equal Employment Manager
Duke, Sara
(979) 260-9320

Durflinger, Carol
(970) 492-7050

Henk, Shanna
(970) 492-7033

Biological Science Collaborator
Kaphammer, Bryan
(970) 492-7054

Associate Director
McGraw, Barbra
(970) 492-7062

Program Analyst
O'Dell, Melissa
(970) 492-7051

Administrative Assistant
Rehfus, Alison
(970) 492-7058

Information Management Specialist
Rich, Joseph
(970) 492-7056

Associate Director
Schrage, Laura
(970) 492-7053

Program Analyst
Thruston, Jeffrey
(970) 492-7055

Technology Transfer Coordinator
Yeater, Kathleen
(757) 220-9142

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