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Agricultural Research Partnerships (ARP) Network
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Agricultural Research Partnerships (ARP) 

The ARS, Office of Technology Transfer, has developed a virtual network of networks called the Agricultural Research Partnerships Network (ARP). 

The members of ARP encompass all players in the agricultural innovation ecosystem: technology scouts, venture capital firms, incubators, accelerators, economic development entities and ARS. The power of the network resides in the fact that each partner has its own local and/or specialized network and can extend and enhance ARS’s reach to spark economic development, encourage entrepreneurship and enable the formation of an innovation community. The ARP Network matches business needs with ARS innovations and research capabilities and helps companies solve agricultural problems, develop products and create new jobs.

The over 500 ARP Network members are connected via LinkedIn. To view our posts on partnership and licensing opportunities and other news, visit us our Agricultural Research Partnerships (ARP) Network LinkedIn site:

ARP Notes - News Document

OTT distributes a quarterly electronic news document called ARP Notes to update ARP Network members on ARS and members’ activities and events and inform members of ARS partnerships and/or licensing opportunities. ARP Notes are distributed by email and through LinkedIn. 

ARP Network contact: