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Our job at the USDA-ARS Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) is to take USDA inventions from the field and laboratory and enable their practical use, nurture new businesses and improve the quality of life for all Americans. We do this by granting licenses to commercialize these inventions to qualified businesses and individuals with a special emphasis on US-based small companies that produce products in the US.

 The Licensing Section:

  • Facilitates commercialization of inventions through invention licensing
  • Monitors license agreements to assure compliance with agreement terms
  • Collects and disburses license revenue
  • Manages international patent filings
  • Provides expert advice on all matters related to USDA invention licensing

USDA is looking for commercial partners to develop and market inventions made by USDA scientists. We strive to have a transparent licensing process. Here is a 6-step process that you will follow if you are interested in licensing an invention from USDA.

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