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Be A Peer Reviewer
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Scientific Areas of Expertise:
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Please also list the national programs areas noted in the table below, that you feel encompass your expertise.
Subject Matter Expertise:
Animal Production & Protection Nutrition, Food Safety/Quality Natural Resources & Sustainable Agricultural Systems Crop Production & Protection
Food animal production, general Human nutrition Soil Crop production, perennials
Genetics & breeding Food safety (plants & animals) Water Crop production, ornamentals
Cattle Quality of agricultural products Air Crop production, annuals
Sheep Utilization of agricultural products Climate change Crop production, greenhouse/nursery
Poultry Energy Global change Genetics & breeding, plans
Swine Obesity Rangeland management Plant genetic resources
Fish Diet & cancer Pasture management Plant disease
Shellfish Nutritional epidemiology Forages management Plant biological & molecular processes
Wild species Pediatric nutrition Manure & byproducts Crop protection & quarantine
Other, animal Vitamins & minerals Integrated systems Methyl bromide & alternatives
Aquaculture Vitamins & minerals Organic agriculture Grain crops
Animal biological & molecular processes Immunology Bioenergy Small fruit crops
Animal Genomics Aging Energy alternatives Tree crops
Veterinary entomology Antioxidants Soil erosion Wheat
IPM Bone health Watersheds Rice
Biological control Food-borne diseases Hydrology Soybean
Termites Meat safety Spatial management & GIS Barley
Ants Preharvest Nutrient cycling Grapes
Ticks Postharvest Precision agriculture Cotton
Flies Poultry & egg products Odor and waste management Vegetables
Animal welfare Aflatoxin Air pollution Citrus
Ruminant nutrition Food irradiation Biomass thermal conversion Tropical crops
Cloning Zoonoses Climate change Root crops
    Food chemistry Sustainable agriculture Sugar crops
    Leather Biofuels Industrial crops
    Textile quality/ginning Biodiesel Databases
    Biodegradable materials Renewable energy Genomics
Please provide further pertinent information on this prospect (such as prior panels served, etc.)