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About PPPR
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About PPPR

The Project Plan Peer Review (PPPR) program manages and implements the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) peer review system for ALL research projects, including peer review policies, processes and procedures. PPPR centrally coordinates and conducts panel peer reviews for project plans within ARS' Office of National Programs (ONP).

The Office collaborates with ONP to set the 5 year review schedule of each National Program.  The PPPR team is responsible for: 
  • Setting the schedule of Project Plan Peer Review sessions
  • Panel organization and composition 
  • Determining number of panels
  • Selection of external subject matter experts with appropriate scientific disciplines
  • Distribution of project plans
  • Reviewer instruction and panel orientation
  • The distribution of review results to ARS stakeholders
  • Notification to panelists of the Agency response to review recommendations
  • Ad hoc or re-reviews of project plans
  • Final certification of each Area project plan


To access the peer review schedule, please visit:

For more information regarding the PPPR, please visit our Axon page (for internal users only).