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2016 News Archive

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December 21 New Test Quickly Detects Red Imported Fire Ants
December 14 New System Affords Greater Flexibility on Using Phosphorus from Manure
December 7 New, Easy-to-Harvest Raisin Grape Reduces Production Cost
December 1 New Test Genetically IDs Fungal Wheat Threat
November 30 New Process Quickly Analyzes Acrylamide in French Fries
November 28 Optimizing Oats for Use as Dairy Forage
November 16 Bacterial Imbalances Can Mean Bad News for Honey Bees
November 10 ARS's 'One Health' Antibiotic Awareness
November 7 A Better Lure to Detect and Control an Avocado Pest
November 3 Higher Dose of Vitamin D May Benefit Pregnant Women
November 2 Looking for Natural Enemies in Asia to Control Invasive Plants
October 27 U.S. National Arboretum Celebrates 40th Anniversary of Its Bonsai Museum
October 26 Wasp and Scale Insects Help Control Giant Reed
October 19 Finding the Best Fertilizer Recipe for Southeast's Forage Grass
October 12 New Nut-based Feed Satisfies Trout's Protein Requirements
September 29 Fruit Fly's Genetic Code Revealed
September 28 Two New Berries for You from ARS
September 23 Adequate Zinc Vital to Healthy Immune Response
September 21 Antibiotic Resistance Can Occur Naturally in Soil Bacteria
September 16 USDA Announces New Open Data Partnership for Public Health
September 14 Tapping Sorghum's Genetic Potential
September 12 Rock-boring Bee Named after Ancient Pueblo Native-American Cliff Dwellers
September 8 Four Scientists Named to Agricultural Research Service Science Hall of Fame
September 7 ARS Honors Scientists of the Year
August 29 New USDA App Protects Cattle from Heat Stress
August 24 New Clues to Control Spread of Common Parasite
August 23 Berenbaum Discusses Insect-Plant Interaction During ARS Sterling B. Hendricks Memorial Lecture
August 17 Extracting Heavy Metals with Vegetable Oils
August 8 Watkins Delivers Morrison Memorial Lecture at ASHS Conference
August 4 ARS Posts Latest Food and Nutrition Research Briefs
August 3 Flushing HLB out of Citrus Trees
August 2 ARS Research Leads to Better Understanding of Bee Health
July 27 New Faba Beans Offer Multiple Benefits
July 18 'Going Green' with Stink Bug Control
July 13 A Faster Way to Get Rid of Kudzu
July 6 Unlocking Cacao's Fungal Foe
June 27 New Cotton Disposable Disinfecting Wipes-Effective, Biodegradable
June 23 Putting Honey Bees to Work for Veterans
June 23 A Database Just for Bumble Bees
June 22 Science Detectives Investigate a 'Mitey' Big Problem
June 21 USDA Scientists and Beekeepers Swap Colonies to Better Bees
June 8 New Rice Flour Mixes Available To Make Yummy Treats
June 6 Saving Water in Southern High Plains Dairy Production
May 31 Experimental Trap Disrupts Citrus Pest?s Love Life
May 25 Tiny Wasp Battles Big Invasive Menace
May 12 Two Approaches to Enhancing Tomato Flavor
May 4 Cranberry Juice Can Boost Heart Health
May 4 ARS Molecular Biologist James Giovannoni Elected to National Academy of Sciences
April 29 Detecting Decay Inside Bagged Lettuce with 'Electronic Eye'
April 20 Aerial Surveys Can Spot Boll Weevil Hideouts
April 18 New Wheat Line Eliminates Discoloring in Foods
April 14 The Not-So-Sweet Truth About Sugars
April 13 Algal Enlisted to Produce Biofuel Using Discarded Papayas
April 5 Roberts Delivers 2016 ARS W.O. Atwater Memorial Lecture at Experimental Biology
March 29 Breeding Sugar Beets for Better Resistance to Curly Top Virus
March 23 Lowering the Risk of Infection with Grapes
March 16 Ancient Grains Make Healthful, Tasty Cookies
March 8 Cranberry Compound May Help Prevent Urinary Tract Infections
March 3 Livestock Diversity: Storing Genes for the Future
March 1 Walnuts Lower in Calories than Label Suggests
February 24 Canola Beats Soybean as Protein Source for Dairy Cattle
February 17 Bees Abuzz Over Rapini
February 16 Watch Bald Eagles Nesting Live at the U.S. National Arboretum
February 12 ARS Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Issued
February 11 New Sprayer Technology Reduces Pesticide Use
February 10 USDA Research Identifies Factors for Faster Commercial Honey Bee Queen Failure
February 9 Pulse Crops Front and Center in Agricultural Research
February 3 A Striking New Crape Myrtle for Florida's Gardens and Landscapes
February 3 USDA Pest Management Program Targets Virus-transmitting Mosquitoes
January 26 New ARS Bee Genebank Will Preserve Genetic Diversity and Provide Breeding Resources
January 20 Antimicrobial Wash Reduces Health Risks in Fresh Produce
January 14 Bringing Up Biofuel
January 12 Tackling Cattle Fever Ticks with Vaccines
January 6 Sodium Monitoring Key to Reducing Dietary Intakes