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Research Project: Production of Doubled Haploids for Fusarium Head Blight (FHB) Resistance

Location: Crop Production and Protection

Project Number: 0500-00053-005-086-G
Project Type: Grant

Start Date: May 1, 2022
End Date: Apr 30, 2024

1. Produce 2,000 plantlets from the F1 donor plants. 2. Produce 1,000 DH 3. Submit lyophilized tissue from these DH to the USDA-ARS Fargo Genotyping Laboratory for genotyping. 4. Produce seed from the DH and ship seed to cooperators empowered by accessing DH-IGSs and with real-time genotype data.

1. Receive F1 by June 1 from the collaborators selected by the CP Steering Committee (CPSC). 2. Grow F1 donor plants. 3. Produce 2,000 plantlets. 4. Produce seed of 1,000 DHs. 5. Lyophilize and ship DH leaf tissue for genotyping. 6. Ship DH seed to cooperators.