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Publications and Other Resources
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Our scientists publish results of their research as articles in refereed journals and as books or book chapters in the agency's own publication series or with academic and commercial publishers. We also produce less technical newsletters and reports for nonspecialists. Here we provide links to actual documents and to library and other resources to help you find publications on agriculture and related sciences.


Agricultural Research Service Publications
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  • TEKTRAN - Searchable database of recent ARS research results. Includes abstracts and interpretive summaries for manuscripts.
National Agricultural Library
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  •  PubAg — PubAg is the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), National Agricultural Library's (NAL) search system for agricultural information and public access to full-text articles.
  • NAL Digital Collections – NALDC provides access to publications and special collections either digitized by NAL or through NAL’s partnerships with other institutions.  
  • AGRICOLA — The online catalog of the National Agricultural Library.