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Identifying Carbon Sources & Sinks
item Manure and inorganic N affect irrigated corn yields and soil properties (Nov 2016)
item Greenhouse gas emissions from solid and liquid organic fertilizers applied to lettuce (Sep 2016)
item Addition of multiple limiting resources reduces grassland diversity (Sep 2016)
item Biochar and manure effects on soil biochemical properties under corn production (Jul 2016)
item Canopy foliation and area as predictors of mortality risk from episodic drought for individual trees of Ashe juniper (Jul 2016)
item Promises and challenges of eco-physiological genomics in the field: Tests of drought responses in switchgrass (May 2016)
item Rapid quantification of soilborne pathogen communities in wheat-based long-term field experiments (May 2016)
item Manure and inorganic N affect trace gas emissions under semi-arid irrigated corn (Apr 2016)
item Surface and root inputs produce different carbon to phosphorus ratios in soil (Apr 2016)
item Limited irrigation of corn-based no-till crop rotations in West Central Great Plains (Apr 2016)
item Emerging and established technologies to increase nitrogen use efficiency of cereals (Apr 2016)
item Synthesis and modeling of greenhouse gas emissions and carbon storage in agricultural and forest systems to guide mitigation and adaptation (Feb 2016)
item CQESTR simulation of dryland agroecosystem soil organic carbon changes under climate change scenarios (Feb 2016)
item Modeling GHG Emissions and Carbon Changes in Agricultural and Forest Systems to Guide Mitigation and Adaptation: Synthesis and Future Needs (Feb 2016)
item Soil biology and carbon in dryland agriculture (Jan 2016)
item Root and bacterial secretions regulate the interaction between plants and PGPR leading to distinct plant growth promotion effects (Nov 2015)
item Seasonal variation in soil bulk density, organic N, available P, and pH (Jul 2015)
item Predicting carbon dynamics in integrated production systems in Brazil using the CQESTR model (Jul 2015)
item Soil water and water use efficiency in no-tillage and sweep tillage winter wheat production in northeastern Oregon (Jun 2015)
item Biogeochemical research priorities for sustainable biofuel and bioenergy feedstock production in the Americas (May 2015)
item Measured and CQESTR simulated soil organic carbon changes of dryland agroecosystem under climate change scenarios (Nov 2014)
item Wide row spacing for deep-furrow planting of winter wheat (Sep 2014)
item Seasonal variation in soil organic carbon (Aug 2014)
item Soil water dynamics in continuous winter wheat grown in the semiarid Pacific Northwest, U.S.A. (Mar 2014)
item Determining soil organic carbon accretion vs sequestration using physicochemical fractionation and CQESTR simulation (Nov 2013)
item Soil organic carbon accretion vs. sequestration using physicochemical fractionation and CQESTR simulation (Mar 2013)
item An array for measuring detailed soil temperature profiles (Jan 2013)
item Comparison of four approaches for estimating soil-atmosphere trace gas fluxes (Oct 2012)
item Predicting long-term organic carbon dynamics in organically-amended soils using the CQESTR model (Apr 2012)
Last Modified: 8/13/2016
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