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Kimberly A Garland-Campbell

Research Geneticist (Plants)

Research Specialty and Interests:

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Genetics and breeding of wheat responses to abiotic and  biotic stress

 Breeding Wheat for Winter Survival: Characterization of genes associated with frost tolerance


Enhance quality, functionality and marketability in the in the western US of soft white and club wheat


Control of rusts of cereal crops



The goal is to reduce risks associated with wheat production by improving winter survival, disease resistance, grain yield and crop quality.  We focus on resistance to stripe rust, pathogenic nematodes, and the soil-borne diseases eyespot, Cephalosporium stripe, and Fusarium crown rot.  Recent cultivar releases include Cara, ARS-Chrystal and ARS-Crescent soft white club wheats, and ARS-Amber and ARS-Selbu, soft white winter wheats. 



B.S.  Agronomy, Foreign Service Concentration.  Colorado State Univ., May 1979.

M.A. Theology, The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia.  May 1985. 

M.S. Crop Science, North Carolina State Univ., Dec 1988.  Thesis Title:  Aluminum tolerance in soybean.  Thesis Advisor:  Dr. T.E. Carter Jr.

Ph.D.  Crop Science, North Carolina State Univ., Dec. 1991.  Dissertation Title:  Designer chromosomes and doubled haploids: Breeding for disease resistance in tobacco.  Dissertation Advisor:  Dr. E.A. Wernsman.


Professional Experience:

USDA-ARS Research Geneticist Plants, GS14; Adjunct Faculty--Dept. of Crop and Soil Sciences, Washington State University; Faculty -- Molecular Plant Sciences Program, Washington State University.

Assistant Professor, Wheat Breeding, Dept. of Horticulture and Crop Science. The Ohio State Univ., Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, Wooster OH.  Sept. 1991-Aug 1999.

Research Assistant/Teaching Assistant, Dept. of Crop Science, North Carolina State Univ., 1985-1991.

US Peace Corps Volunteer, Antigua West Indies, April 1980-July 1982.


Synergistic activities: 

Editor, Journal of Plant Registrations since 2009.

Assoc. Editor, Crop Science, 2008-2010

Past Chair Division C-1, Crop Science Society of America, 2008

Member National Wheat Improvement Committee, since 1999

Member Grant Panel: USDA-CSREES-Plant Response to Environment, 2002


Collaborators & Other Affiliations

Collaborators and Co-Editors:

Akhunov, E.D., Kansas State Univ; Allan, R.E., USDA-ARS; Anderson, J.A., Univ. of Minn.; Baenziger, S.P., Univ. of Neb.; Baley, G.J. Monsanto USA; Balow, K.A., Washington State Univ.; Beecher, B.S., USDA-ARS; Bettge, A.D., USDA-ARS; Bowden, R.L., USDA-ARS; Bruckner, P.L., Montana State Univ.; Cao, Shuanghe, Oklahoma State Univ.; Carter, A.H., Washington State Univ.; Carter, B. Decagon, Pullman WA; Carver, B.F., Oklahoma State Univ.; Chao, Shiaoman, USDA-ARS; Chen, Jianli, Univ. of Idaho; Chen, Xianming, USDA-ARS; Chen, Yihua, Oklahoma State Univ.; Clark, D.R, Westbred, Monsanto, USA; Dreisigacker, S.; Dubcovsky, J.D., Univ of Calif-Davis; Dvorak, J., Univ. of Calif.-Davis; Ellis, D.D., USDA-ARS; Dvorak, J, Univ of Calif-Davis; Engle, D.A., USDA-ARS; Erginbas, G., Turkish Ministry of Ag; Fang, Tilin, Oklahoma State Univ.; Fuerst, E.P., Washington State Univ.; Glover, K., South Dakota State Univ.; Gollnick, M.A., Washington State Univ.; Groenhuis, J.A.USDA-ARS; Hansen, J.L.Washington State Univ.; Haley, S.D., Colorado State Univ.; Jenderek, M.M., USDA-ARS; Jones, S.S., Washington State Univ.; Kidwell, K.K., Washington State Univ.; Kuehner, J.S., Washington State Univ; Leonard, J.M., Oregon State Univ.; Li, Shan, China Agric. Univ., Beijing; Liu, Zhiyonhg, China Agric. Univ., Beijing; Liu, Ziji, China Agric. Univ., Beijing; Luo, M-C., Univ. of Calif.-Davis; Lyons, S.R., Washington State Univ; Matnyazov, R., Kansas State Univ; Morris, C.F., USDA-ARS; Murphy, K.M., Washington State Univ.; Murray, T.D., Washington State Univ.; Nydam, S.D., Turkish Ministry of Ag.; Ozedmir, F., Turkish Ministry of Ag; , Paulitz, T., USDA-ARS; Pedersen, J.F., USDA-ARS; Perry, S.;, Westbred, Monsanto USA; Poole, G.J.SARDI, Adelaide Au; Riera-Lizarazu, O., ICRISAT; Ross, A.S., Oregon State Univ.; Rudd, J.C.,Texas A&M Univ; Santra, D.R., Univ of Neb.; Santra, M., Colorado State Univ; Schramm, E.C., Washington State Univ; Schroeder, K.L., Washington State Univ; See, D.R., USDA-ARS; Skinner, D.Z., USDA-ARS; Smiley, R.W., Oregon State Univ; Sorrells, M.E., Cornell Univ; Steber, C.M.USDA-ARS; Strader, L., Washington State Univ; Talbert, L.E., Montana State Univ; Walker, C.A., Washington State Univ; Wan, Amin, Washington State Univ; Wang, Guomei, Oregon State Univ; Watson, C.J.W.; Yan, Guiping, Oregon State Univ; Yan, Liuling, Oklahoma State Univ; Yenish, J., Washington State Univ.; Zemetra, R.S., Oregon State University


Graduate Advisors and Postdoctoral Sponsors:

Carter Jr., Thomas USDA-ARS, Raleigh NC; Wernsman, Earl A., North Carolina State University.


Thesis Advisor and Postgraduate-Scholar Sponsor: Carle, Scott, Washington State Univ., Gupta, A., Monsanto, USA; Reddy, L, Monsanto, India; Piaskowski, J., Washington State Univ., Poole, G., SARDI, Au; Siritunga, D. Univ. of Philippines; Thompson, A., Washington State Univ.; Thompson, Yvonne, Washington State Univ.; Walker, C.A., Pioneer Hibred.; Zhu, Jie, Washington State University.