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Press Room

Key Contacts at ARS Office of Communications



Heather Gossel
Director, Office of Communications
5601 Sunnyside Ave., Room: 2-1121
Beltsville, MD 20705-5128
Voice: (970) 218-2195


Purtilla Brown
Program Support Assistant
5601 Sunnyside Ave., Room: 2-1309
Beltsville, MD 20705-5128
Voice: (202) 961-7553

External Communications Branch

AgLab, Down on the Farm, Podcasts, Scientific Discoveries, Social Media, Tellus, Under the Microscope

Todd Silver
Branch Chief, External Communications
Voice: (301) 787-0051


Lee Burrows
Digital Media Specialist
Voice: (202) 389-2295

Scott Elliott
Public Affairs Specialist
Voice: (202) 384-4181

Kathryn Markham
Public Affairs Specialist
Voice: (240) 429-8206

Nancy Vanatta
Information Specialist/Digital Content
Voice: (202) 815-3376

Monica Williams
Digital Content Specialist
Voice: (202) 815-3399

Internal Communications


Kerry Hoerth
Branch Chief, Internal Communications
Voice: 616-250-7136

Kristi Ware
Axon Editor-In-Chief
Voice: (970) 492-7173

Chad Robbie
Axon Deputy Editor
Voice: (970) 492-7097

Media Relations

Press Releases

Tanya Brown
Branch Chief, Media Relations
Voice: (202) 309-8045

Maribel Alonso
Public Affairs Specialist
Voice: (301) 467-0667

Autumn Canaday
Public Affairs Specialist
Voice: (202) 669-5480

Kim Kaplan
Public Affairs Specialist
Voice: (301) 588-5314

Jessica Ryan
Public Affairs Specialist
Voice: (301) 892-0085

Nirav Shah
Public Affairs Specialist
Voice: 331-313-7665

Jan Suszkiw
Public Affairs Specialist
Voice: (202) 734-1176

Visual Information

Photography, Video, Visual Design

Douglas Rogers
Branch Chief, Visual Information

Stephen Ausmus
Visual Information Specialist

Maverick Dunavan
Audio Visual Production Specialist

Peggy Greb
Visual Information Specialist
Voice: (202) 815-1653

Andrea Krieg
Visual Information Specialist