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Facebook Premiere on USDA Climate Hubs

May 27, 2021 

USDA ARS Northeast Climate Hub Director Dr. Dannele Peck and USDA Forest Service Caribbean Climate Hub Director Dr. William Gould talk about the USDA Climate Hubs and how they are essential to agricultural productivity and to the lives of consumers.


Q. What about planting the, "billion trees" proposed by President Trump? A billion trees might change our environment.

A. Planting trees is a great way to take carbon from the atmosphere and sequester it as wood. Live trees and wood products provide great benefits and mitigate climate change. Trees are long-lived so it is good to think long term about reforestation objectives and management plans.

Keep in mind, trees are not the only plants that can help sequester carbon. Grasslands and rangelands also store a lot of carbon in the soil. So, keeping these working lands healthy and intact is another way to keep carbon in the soil and out of the atmosphere.


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