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Varroa-Sensitive Hygiene (VSH) Bees

Contact: Alfredo Flores, 301-504-1627,


News Story: Honey Bees Selected by ARS Toss Out Varroa Mites

Video:Varroa-Sensitive Hygiene Bees Toss Out Varroa Mites  (1 min. 5 sec.)

Audio Podcast: The Mitey Bee Bouncers  (2 min. 59 sec.)   |   Transcript


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Improving Honey Bee Health

Cleaning House and Hive

Bees That Resist Mites Are Busy Groomers

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Science for Kids Story

Some Bees Clean Up Well--Without Soap


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{short description of image} Entomologists observing bees. Varroa-infested honey comb cells. Healthy honey bees. Varroa mite on a honey bee. Varroa mite feeding on developing bee. Honey bee on a flower.

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