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Chesapeake Bay

Contact: Don Comis, (301) 504-1625,


News Story: New Poultry Litter Applicator Holds Promise for Chesapeake Bay Area

Video:USDA-ARS Researchers Help Protect the Bay  (2 min. 7 sec.)

Audio Podcast: ARS Researchers Are Using New Tools to Help Protect the Chesapeake Bay  (3 minutes 40 seconds)   |   Transcript


Background Story Links:

Agricultural Research magazine (August 2010 Chesapeake Bay theme issue)

Forum: Saving the Bay: It's One of the Things ARS Does Best

There's More Than One Way To Save the Bay

New Poultry Litter Applicator Offers Hope for Chesapeake Bay Area

ARS Chesapeake Bay Research Intensifies

Forested Wetlands In the Chesapeake Bay Watershed

Chesapeake Bay Cleanup Revs Up!



Photos: Click the image for more information about it. More photos can be found at our Image Gallery.

{short description of image} Chesapeake Bay Watershed map. A blue heron on the Choptank River. . Adult male green frog. Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Researchers conduct water-quality sampling in a tributary of Maryland's Manokin River. Chesapeake Bay.

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