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ARS Administrator's Council

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Administrators   Area & NAL Directors   Program Support & Operations  
Chavonda Jacobs-Young Chavonda Jacobs-Young
Portrait of Deborah Brennan Archie Tucker
Southeast Area
Portrait of Joon Park Joon Park
Deputy Administrator,
Administrative &
Financial Management
Simon Liu Simon Liu
Associate Administrator, 
Research Operations
Larry Chandler Larry Chandler 
Plains Area
Michael Arnold Michael A Arnold 
Budget & Program Management Staff
Office of the Administrator
Steven M. Kappes Steven M. Kappes 
Associate Administrator, 
National Program Staff 
Alberto Pantoja Alberto Pantoja,
Midwest Area
Brian Nakanishi Brian Nakanishi 
Acting Assistant Administrator, 
Office of Technology Transfer
Jeffrey Silverstein Jeffrey Silverstein 
Deputy Administrator
National Program Staff 
Animal Production and Protection
Thomas Shanower Thomas Shanower
Northeast Area
Sharon D. Drumm Sharon D. Drumm
Chief of Staff, 
Executive Secretary of the Administrator's Council
Pamela Starke-Reed Pamela Starke-Reed 
Deputy Administrator
National Program Staff 
Nutrition, Food Safety and Quality
Robert Matteri Robert Matteri 
Director, Pacific West Area
Robert Matteri Tracey Troutman
Office of Outreach, Diversity and Equal Opportunity
Deepak Bhatnagar Deepak Bhatnagar
Acting Deputy Administrator 
National Program Staff, Crop Production and Protection
Paul Westor Paul Wester
National Agricultural Library
Heather Gossel Heather Gossel
Office of Communcations
Marlen Eve Marlen Eve
Deputy Administrator 
National Program Staff Natural Resources & Sustainable Agricultural Systems
    Marquea King Marquea D. King
Office of Scientific Quality Review
Bryan Norrington Bryan Norrington 
Office of International Research Engagement and Cooperation