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National Program 304: Crop Protection and Quarantine
Retrospective Review Executive Summary 2015-2020
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Research in National Program (NP) 304 fits into the mission of ARS to conduct research to develop and transfer solutions to agricultural problems of high national priority and provide information access and dissemination to ensure high-quality, safe food and other agricultural products; assess the nutritional needs of Americans; sustain a competitive agricultural economy; enhance the natural resource base and the environment; provide economic opportunities for rural citizens, communities, and society as a whole; and provide the infrastructure necessary to create and maintain a diversified workplace. Most NP 304 research projects are interdisciplinary, going beyond individual National Programs.

Retrospective reviews occur every 5 years by a diverse external panel of scientific experts, following a detailed presentation of the 5-year accomplishments. The program consisted of many individual research projects, and the review panel was instructed to conduct a programmatic review. The panel, therefore, was instructed not to assess the research on an individual project basis. The Panel was given two specific questions: 1) Please assess the quality and impact of NP 304’s accomplishments during 2015-2020 relative to the NP 304 Action Plan; and, 2) Please also assess whether, or not the NP 304 teams collaborated effectively with public and private sector partners. Along with an instructional video, the panel was given: 1) A slide set for the preceding webinar, highlighting selected research accomplishments, and corresponding to the Action Plan Components; 2) Appendices including lists of NP 304 projects, NP 304 publications, technology transfer data, and supplementary materials; and, 3) Instructions to log into a comprehensive interactive webinar the week of October 8, 2019, featuring presentations by the NP 304 Leadership Team that covered accomplishments of the NP 304 program on a component and problem statement basis.

To view a PDF version of the NP 304 Retrospective Review Executive Summary 2015-2020 (0.64 MB), please click here.