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National Program 304: Crop Protection and Quarantine
Action Plan 2015-2020
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National Program (NP) 304 conducts fundamental research to create the knowledge base necessary to develop innovative control methods and IPM strategies, and it also conducts applied research to produce informational and material products that improve pest and disease control in agriculture.  The improvements include reduced costs, better controlled pests with fewer non-target, human, and environmental effects, and a reduction in the establishment and spread of invasive insects, mites, and weeds.  These control strategies are applied in a variety of environments, from the production field to storage, shipping and packing facilities.  The development, implementation, and improvement of pest and weed management and control strategies contributes significantly to maintaining the competitiveness and vitality of U.S. agriculture and improving the quality and security of our food and fiber supply.


To download a PDF version of the NP304 Action Plan (2015-2020) (353 KB), please click here.