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Research Project: Glycoprofiling of Oligosaccharides in Foods

Location: Methods and Application of Food Composition Laboratory

Project Number: 8040-10700-004-026-S
Project Type: Non-Assistance Cooperative Agreement

Start Date: Sep 1, 2022
End Date: Aug 31, 2026

Obesity-related chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are serious health problems worldwide including the United States. Furthermore, 4 to 10% increase is expected annually in diabetes and CVD in the U.S. and worldwide. Modern sedentary life styles, lack of exercise, and/or unhealthy diets often with high calories have been mostly responsible for increasing obesity-induced diabetes and CVD. Although the cellular and molecular events related to obesity-induced diabetes and CVD are still being elucidated, subclinical inflammation has been considered a significant risk factor for the progression of diabetes and CVD. Interestingly, some food components have been believed to have positive effects on subclinical inflammation, diabetes, CVD and other diseases, but the mechanisms behind these foods and their components responsible for these actions remain to be elucidated. Therefore, in this proposal, we plan to identify bioactive oligosaccharides in foods, examine their change with processing, and add this data to the Foundation Food database in FoodData Central (FDC).

To accomplish the objectives proposed in this study, ARS will collect foods considered to be rich in low molecular weight polysaccharides and send them to UC Davis for glycoprofiling of oligosaccharide using their published nano-LC chip quadrupole time-of-flight MS (nano-LC chip-Q-ToF MS) method. UC Davis will also be responsible for quality control/assurance of samples and return results for research purposed and for inclusion in the Foundation Food database in FoodData Central.