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Scott Bean

Research Chemist
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Dr. Scott R. Bean
Research Chemist

ATTN: Scott R. Bean
1515 College Ave.
Manhattan, KS 66502
Telephone: 785.776.2725


B.S., Biology, Kansas State University

M.S., Grain Science and Industry, Kansas State University

Ph.D., Grain Science and Industry, Kansas State University


Scott’s research focuses on sorghum grain composition and how grain components, especially proteins, influence the end-use quality and value of sorghum grain. Scott has conducted research on sorghum grain composition related to use in sorghum-based foods and ethanol production from sorghum. He is also interested in the functional properties of isolated sorghum proteins for use in foods, bio-based products such as adhesives, encapsulation agents, etc. In addition to the end-use of sorghum grain, Scott also does research aimed at understanding how various factors including genetic variability, heat and drought stress, and crop management (fertilization, irrigation) all influence the composition of sorghum grain.

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