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Wilson, William C
Research Microbiologist
(785) 537-5570
USDA-ARS-PA-Center for Grain & Animal Health Res.
Arthropod-Borne Animal Diseases/1515 College Ave.
Manhattan KS 66506

The mission of the Arthropod-Borne Animal Diseases Research Unit (ABADRU) is to conduct basic and applied studies on the arthropod transmitted viral diseases of domestic animals. The current research involves studies on the virus-vector-host interrelationships of bluetongue virus (BTV) serotypes and the closely related epizootic hemorrhagic disease virus (EHDV) serotypes, and other arboviruses, ruminants, and arthropods. The research mission will emphasize molecular biologic studies of viruses and vectors, vector biology and competence, epidemiology, and animal pathogenesis.

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