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Cynthia Sims Parr (Cyndy) (PhD)
Office of The Director
Assistant Chief Data Officer, REE Mission Area

Phone: (OCI) D:0-0000

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Publications (Clicking on the reprint icon Reprint Icon will take you to the publication reprint.)
The Agricultural Research Data Network (ARDN) - (Abstract Only)
Porter, C., Hoogenboom, G., Villalobos, C., Zhang, M., Abendroth, L.J., Baer, B., Basso, B., Chan, M.K., Mailhot, D., Lebauer, D., Sims, C.L., Reimer, K. 2022. The Agricultural Research Data Network (ARDN) [abstract]. 2022 ASA-CSSA-SSSA Annual Meeting, November 6-9, 2022. Baltimore, Maryland. Paper No. 144927. Available:
Driving Innovation through Data in Agriculture (DIDAg): Best Practices and Case Study - (Peer Reviewed Journal)
Multimodal AI to improve agriculture Reprint Icon - (Peer Reviewed Journal)
Parr, C.J, Lemay, D.G., Owen, C.L., Woodward Greene, M.J., Sun, J. 2021. Multimodal AI to improve agriculture. IEEE IT Professional. 23(3):53-57.
Enabling Open-source data networks in Public Agricultural Research - (Other)
Brouder, S., Eagle, A., Fukagawa, N.K., Mcnamara, J., Murray, S., Parr, C., Tremblay, N. 2019. Enabling Open-source data networks in Public Agricultural Research. Council for Agricultural Science and Technology Issue Paper. QTA2019-1, 20 pp..
Ag Data Commons: Adding Value to Open Agricultural Research Data - (Abstract Only)
Big Data Initiatives for Agroecosystems - (Proceedings)
TraitBank: An Open Digital Repository for Organism Traits - (Proceedings)