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Office of The Director
Wester, Paul
Director National Agricultural Library
(301) 504-6694

Beltsville, MD 20705

Establish policy, develop programs, and direct the operations of the National Agricultural Library commensurate with its role as the primary agricultural information resource of the United States. Represent and provide leadership for the Department and the U.S. agricultural library and information science communities on issues related to the access, dissemination, and preservation of agricultural information.

  National Agricultural Library
    Office of The Director
Green, Romando
(301) 504-5571

Administrative Assistant
Jackson, Sandra
(301) 504-5574

Budget Analyst
Rosa, Iris
(301) 504-5248

Secretary (Office Automation)
Wester, Paul
(301) 504-5248

Director National Agricultural Library
Williams, Raymond
(301) 504-5570

Office Automation Clerk
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