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Financial Management and Agreements Division
Magill, Robert
Chief Financial Officer
ROOM 1-1118
Beltsville, MD 20705

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The REE CFO is responsible for providing guidance and as necessary, establishing informal and formal policies, to ensure that all aspects of the REE quarterly and annual USDA financial statements process are completed in order that the REE financial statements reflect the financial condition of the REE agencies in all material respects. As part of this process the CFO takes steps to ensure that audit samples are turned in to OIG as required, and helps to resolve audit issues. Proactively identifies financial operational and reporting problems for remediation, and responds to requests from the USDA CFO office and others for the resolution of financial reporting and operational issues. Oversees the Senior Accountable Travel Official function on behalf of ARS and NIFA, to ensure travel and conference reports are submitted to OCFO and to resolve travel, travel card, conference and relocation related issues. Oversees improvements to the domestic travel, conference travel, and foreign travel processes. Serves on the Working Capital Fund Executive Committee, attends departmental CFO Council meetings, and serves on the departmental Senior Assessment Team for A-123 and internal control matters. Oversees the A-123 process and deliverables for ARS and some parts for NIFA. Oversees ARS’s fiscal process, along with the annual REE FMFIA process, and helps to address a range of accounting, reporting and appropriations law questions. Helps to identify opportunities for improving the reliability and consistency of reportable data, and for streamlining financial processes. Advocates with the department for improvements in system and operational processes. Oversees improvements to the grants/agreements and fiscal processes, and provides financial, agreements, travel and other training.

  Administrative and Financial Management
    Financial Management and Agreements Division
Office of The Chief Financial Officer
Ledger and Financial Statements Branch
Financial Systems and Analysis Branch
Fiscal Services Branch
Travel Branch
Grants and Agreements Management Branch
Bass, Robert Bob
(202) 720-4557

Division Director
Beach, Jeremy
(608) 224-4837

Statistician Agricultural
Cline, Adam
(202) 720-6940

Parn, Steven
(402) 437-5541

Statistician Agricultural
Royal, Jasmine
(202) 720-4557

Secretary (Office Automation)
Stiens, Phillip
(217) 492-4295

Taylor, Marjorie
(202) 690-8763

Management Analyst
Wallace, Christopher Chris
(515) 284-4340

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