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Fiscal Services Branch
Parks, Kim
Branch Chief
ROOM 1-WS-1302
Beltsville, MD 20705

The Fiscal Services Branch (FSB) performs financial analyses to promote the efficient use of Agency resources. FSB also provides operational budget and fiscal services for Administrative and Financial Management (AFM), Program Management (PM) and Agency managed funds such as Repair, Buildings & Facilities (B&F), Salary Lapse, Special Projects, etc. FSB enhances and maintains internal financial systems (CATS, SAMS, ARMPS); develops associated manuals, training materials and presentations. FSB is responsible for issuing Policies and Procedures relating to Fiscal Operations and provides guidance and assistance to field personnel in resolving unusual and difficult financial issues. FSB develops financial training and processes for field units and assures effective integration of these activities with Agency level budgeting activities.

  Administrative and Financial Management
    Financial Management and Agreements Division
      Fiscal Services Branch
Fiscal Operations Team
ARS HQ Financial Support Team
Ervin, Corey
(301) 504-1283

Fiscal Specialist
Funderburk, Yolanda
(301) 504-1279

Budget Analyst
Parks, Kim
(301) 504-1300

Branch Chief
Sparling, Sue
(301) 504-6954

Budget Analyst
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