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Office of Associate Administrator
Eve, Marlen
Acting Associate Administrator
USDA, ARS, Office of National Programs
5601 Sunnyside Avenue
Beltsville, MD 20705

The Office of Associate Administrator, ONP, is responsible for and provides overall leadership and direction in: national planning and coordination, determination of program content, establishment of research priorities, program implementation, program review and evaluation, and international activities.

  National Programs
    Office of Associate Administrator
Denardo, Mary
(202) 720-4971

Management Analyst
Durham, Sharon
(301) 504-4574

Emani, Sujata
(301) 504-4572

Strategic Innovation Advisor
Forrest, Janice
(301) 504-4720

Program Support Assistant
Johnson-Mcfadgen, Diane
(301) 504-4564

Management Analyst
Mariner, Kendra
(202) 480-5438

Program Analyst
McFadden, Ashley
(301) 504-4648

Miller, Renee
(301) 504-4517

Correspondence Control Officer
Perry, Ann
(301) 504-4568

Proctor, Rosetta
(301) 504-4590

Program Analyst
Rich, Trey
(301) 504-4690

Program Support Assistant (Office Automation)
Steele, Rachel
(202) 720-3138

Science Advisor
Velez, William
(480) 738-8711

Program Analyst
Verma, Lolita
(301) 504-4778

Support Services Assistant
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