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Deven See

Research Geneticist

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Research Specialty and Interest:

Genotyping of Germplasm for the Western US

Genotyping of Germplasm for the Western US

Development of molecular marker resources for high-throughput genotyping to advance genomic, genetic and breeding research in wheat and barley

Characterization of stress resistance genes and mechanisms

 Western Regional Small Grains Genotyping Lab Page

Research at the WRSGGL involves pre-breeding and genomic studies to identify and develop germplasm with improved adaptation, abiotic and biotic resistances. Genomic research includes Transcriptome profiling, marker development and genetic mapping. Pre-breeding efforts are focused on understanding adaptation traits, and characterizing new sources of resistance to rust pathogens through development of molecular maps to identify and clone genes of interest and to develop breeder- friendly markers for introgression.

Services provided by the WRSGGL include genotyping services for marker assisted selection (MAS) efforts for wheat and barley cultivar development in the Western region. Currently, the genotyping lab is able to provide services including genotyping of early and advance breeding lines; marker assisted selection of backcross populations; marker data for mapping populations; and DNA fingerprints for varietal differentiation. The marker types routinely run include SSR and SNP. The implementation of new genomics' technologies and computational capacity are high priorities to ensure that the wheat and barley scientists serviced by the WRSGGL are at the front edge of modern molecular breeding. Molecular marker genotyping will increasingly provide more efficient information to wheat and barley breeders to increase the efficiency of the breeding effort.