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OSQR Staff
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Scientific Quality Review Officer

The Scientific Quality Review Officer (SQR Officer) provides professional scientific oversight of the Peer Review Process, panel operations, enforces Agency policy and requirements regarding the Peer Review Process, and oversees the transmittal of peer review recommendations.

Dr. David Shapiro-Ilan is the current SQR Officer. 

The rest of the OSQR Team
The OSQR Team provides administrative and clerical support for peer review. This includes developing and distributing correspondence, and supporting materials, and providing travel services and support to reviewers.

Dr. Marquea King, Peer Review Program Coordinator
Dr. King oversees day-to-day operations. She communicates and enforces Agency policy and requirements regarding Peer Review, develops review schedules, and provides direction to National Program Teams, Area Offices and scientific staff concerning peer review.  She coordinates the flow of information and materials to and from reviewers and provides analysis of the process and progress of peer review.

Linda Daly-Lucas, Program Analyst
Assists the Program Coordinator and SQR Officer in their duties described above and manages the routine operation of the office.  She coordinates program review panel meetings and provides administrative and logistical support. She analyzes, manages and evaluates the day-to-day procedural operations of the office to ensure the timely and orderly coordination of peer review panel meetings and to make recommendations to improve the efficiency of the program. She is responsible for the OSQR databases, SOPs, and the OSQR website.

Michele Shaw, Program Specialist
Coordinates program review panel meetings and provides administrative, logistical and travel-related support. Responsible for office administrative and program functions, including maintaining project records and office databases, preparing and distributing reports and other documents, and processing travel reimbursements.

Contact Information
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