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Conflicts of Interest List
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The Conflicts of Interest list is used by the Office of Scientific Quality Review to determine which individual cannot peer review a project due to their relationship with one or more scientists assigned to the project. The list is not distributed by the Office of Scientific Quality Review.

You may use either the OSQR format (below) or submit similar lists used for grants/proposal processes, providing that the guidelines for who to include are like OSQR's.

For the OSQR Format, use the Template or create a separate two-column table for each Category 1 or 4 scientist on the project, as well as any cooperating investigators not employed by ARS who will be considered an investigator on the project.  The tables should have one column for the full name and the other column for defining the relationship with the individual. Lists should include those individuals with which the scientist has co-authored papers, conducted or planned research (including grant proposals), or has supervised or has been supervised by in the past four years - eight years for student and postdoctoral relationships. Other possible conflicts of interest such as individuals who have a financial stake in the research, should be discussed with the OSQR. Please use full name not initials.  

The Conflicts of Interest lists are contained in one combined file for the project and are submitted separately from other documents. See Schedule of Peer Reviews for date when these lists are due to OSQR.

Conflict of Interest Example