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Welcome to the ARS Research Timeline

Over 150 Years of Ag Research

ARS Timeline

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This year, 2023, marks our 70th anniversary! Over the years, many familiar products have resulted from ARS research, such as frozen foods, sunflower seed butter, Roma tomatoes, improved frozen orange juice concentrate, fire-resistant cotton and Pampers and lactose-free milk. Take a moment to read an article about about the amazing history of innovation of this revolutionary agency. Then come explore our illustrated timeline of interesting and important innovations, and the people behind our progress.

This timeline represents the history of agricultural research accomplishments at the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Agricultural Research Service since the Department was formed in 1862.

The timeline is arranged in chronological order by decade starting from the creation of USDA and features stories containing details on selected ARS research. Also, included is legislative history of laws important to agriculture, food safety, nutrition, and the environment.

There are several ways to learn about our research.

Also, to get a more comprehensive understanding, you may want to view the Legislative section for a history of laws important to agriculture, food safety, nutrition, and the environment and read the featured research for a more in-depth look at certain research accomplishments.