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Title: ARS Timeline...144 Years of Ag Research

About this history

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History of Research at the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Agricultural Research Service
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This timeline represents the history of agricultural research accomplishments by U.S. Department of Agriculture scientists since the department was formed in 1862.

In 1953, the Agricultural Research Service was created as the USDA's primary scientific research agency. From this date on, the timeline represents ARS research accomplishments. Expanded feature stories provide a more detailed look at selected topics.

Important administrative and legislative dates as well as non-USDA scientific milestones crucial to agricultural research are also included for historical perspective.

Because research is done over many years, dates given are the best available from the sources consulted. Feel free to send in updated information.

Scientific accomplishments rely on many individuals and organizations. This timeline does not imply that USDA or ARS scientists alone deserve credit for the research. Many of the discoveries involved academic, industry and other agency cooperators.

This timeline is a living document and will continue to grow in the future.

Enjoy and revisit us often!

Timeline created by Kathryn Barry Stelljes, formerly ARS, and designed by BA Allen, ARS.

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Send comments or questions about this historical timeline to Nancy Vanatta.