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K11670-2: Cow

Image Number K11670-2

Caption for September 2013 Agricultural Research magazine article, "Overcoming Hurdles To Eradicate Tuberculosis in Cattle." In addition to skin testing, mandatory milk pasteurization and the establishment of a nationwide bovine tuberculosis eradication campaign have greatly reduced the incidence of bovine tuberculosis in both cattle and humans.

Caption for May/June 2012 Agricultural Research magazine article, "Strategies That Work: Alternatives to Antibiotics in Animal Health." Nitro and chlorate compounds may be used in the future to kill disease-causing bacteria in the gut of calves and other young livestock.

Caption for January 2007 Agricultural Research magazine article, "Genetic Evaluations Help Breed Better Bossies." Scientists with ARS’s Animal Improvement Programs Lab, at Beltsville, Maryland, have estimated the genetic merit of millions of cows.


Photo by Peggy Greb.


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