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Deployed War-fighter Protection Research Program

Contact: Sandra Avant, (301) 504-1627,


AR Magazine Feature Story: DWFP: A Battle Plan To Protect U.S. Troops From Harmful Insects

Video Podcast: Deployed War-fighter Protection Research Program
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Background Story Links:

"Keeping Our Troops Safe-From Insects" (Agricultural Research magazine November/December 2012)

Forum-Products To Protect Consumers and the Military From Insects

DWFP: A Battle Plan To Protect U.S. Troops From Harmful Insects

New Spraying Insecticide? There's an App for That!

New Insecticides for Mosquito Control


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filmstip Scientists count the number of dead mosquitoes to evaluate the effectiveness of baits. ARS chemist testing a treated uniform to see whether it prevents mosquitoes from biting. A sand fly. At a remote patrol base in Iraq, a pesticide is applied to camouflage netting and shade cloth. A wrist band treated with insect repellent. Aedes aegypti mosquito on a person's arm.

Food engineer pours fish gelatin solution into a pan for drying. Food microbiologist places a frozen catfish fillet into a device for surface decontamination by pulse UV treatment. Scientists demonstrate a technique where channel catfish are immersed in water containing the modified live Streptococcusiniae vaccine. Researchers load lipid samples extracted from tissue for analysis of fatty acids. Fish nutritionist examines flax oil that will be infused into pellets for rainbow trout feed. Researchers study the effect of smoking temperature on survival of Listeria monocytogenes.

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