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National Program 306: Product Quality and New Uses
Assessment Report
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National Program 306 - Quality and Utilization of Ag Products

September 2013


Executive Summary


The goal of NP 306 is to enhance the value and quality of the agricultural products that consumers need and want by enhancing marketability, creating environmentally friendly and efficient processing, and expanding domestic and global market opportunities through the development of value added foods, fibers and hides, and nonfood byproducts.  An assessment by the NP 306 review panel concludes that the research conducted under NP 306 for the years 2008-2012 has substantially supported this goal, with an overall medium to high achievement rating for accomplishments supporting the specific problems defined under the program.  The research delivered a highly diversified number of products supporting the program goal, many of which can provide current economic value to existing industrial partners and potential economic impact in the future of hundreds of millions of dollars annually. 


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