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Congressional Conversation Form
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Office of Legislative Affairs
Report of Congressional


INSTRUCTION: Congressional conversations are to be reported on the A-213 form to the ARS Office of the Administrator, Area Office Director, Office of Legislative Affairs, and, if the conversation is budget related, to the Office of Budget and Program Management.

Please fill out this electronic version of the A-213 form and check the routing slip as soon as possible after completing the congressional conversation.

CONVERSED WITH: - Name and Title of Individual;
Congressional Representative's Name, State and Office Phone Number

Conversed By

Employee's Name

Employee's Email

Employee's Title

Employee's Location

Employee's Phone

Subject of the Conversation

Information Given

Action Recommended (if further action is required)

Send info to:

Area Directors:
Carbon copy to:  
  • Jill Stetka
  • Joon Park
  • Mari Gomez

Form ARS-213 (3/07)