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Animal Behavior
item Tear staining in pigs: a potential tool for welfare assessment on commercial farms (Aug 2015)
item Assessment of visceral pain associated with metritis in dairy cows (Jul 2015)
item Nitrous oxide as a humane method for piglet euthanasia: behavior and electroencephalography (Jun 2015)
item The science of animal behavior and welfare: challenges, opportunities and global perspective (May 2015)
item Behavioral changes and feathering score in heat stressed broiler chickens fed diets containing different levels of propolis (Mar 2015)
item Physiological and behavioural responses of sheep to simulated sea transport motions (Feb 2015)
item Acute phase cytokines, TAC1, and Toll-like receptor 4 mRNA expression association with housing and health in veal calves (Feb 2015)
item Effect of feeding ractopamine hydrochloride on growth performance and responses to handling and transport in heavy-weight pigs (Feb 2015)
item Methods to address poultry robustness and welfare issues through breeding and associated ethical considerations (Nov 2014)
item Serotonin’s role in piglet mortality and thriftiness (Oct 2014)
item The effect of perch availability during pullet rearing and egg laying on the behavior of caged White Leghorn hens (Oct 2014)
item Effects of dietary antioxidant on performance and physiological responses following heat stress in laying hens (Aug 2014)
item Design and performance of cooled perches for alternative egg laying production systems (Jul 2014)
item Risks associated with preweaning mortality in 855 litters on 39 commercial outdoor pig farms in England (Jul 2014)
item Group housing during gestation affects the behaviour of sows and the physiological indices of offspring piglets at weaning (Jun 2014)
item Pain management in the neonatal piglet during routine management procedures. Part 2: Grading the quality of evidence and the strength of recommendations (Jun 2014)
item Group space allowance has little effect on sow health, productivity, or welfare in a free-access stall system (Jun 2014)
item The effect of perch access during pullet rearing and egg laying on physiological measurements of stress in 71-week-old White Leghorns (May 2014)
item The effects of housing environment on liver health of laying hens (May 2014)
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